7-in-7 Speakers

Seven stories. Seven minutes.

This exclusive “7-in-7” session features seven different financial institutions each with seven minutes to showcase one big branding story or marketing case study that generated real results and had a measurable impact on their bottom line.

1. Building America’s First Online Community Bank

Ellie Reineck, President of IncredibleBank

Most community banking providers can’t match the digital sophistication of megabanks, but that didn’t stop River Valley Bank. Hear the story behind IncredibleBank, the digital banking unit created by this modest traditional community bank based in Wisconsin. With just $1.3 billion in assets, they’ve built a digital unit that ranks right up there with Ally Bank, CIT and Synchrony.

2. Engaging Consumers With Compelling Content

John Oxford, CMO of Renasant Bank

Consumers watch more and more online video every day. They love to be entertained. See how Renasant Bank has produced videos that have generated over 10 million views, and learn how to create your own attention-grabbing content that can drive online traffic and fuels your sales funnel.

3. Turning Negative Reviews Into Positive Outcomes

Bradley Blue, Online Marketing & Social Media Manager at Logix FCU

To build a strong brand in digital channels, you have to carefully manage your online reputation. How you respond to feedback — especially negative comments — has a massive impact on your brand image. With a methodical approach, Logix has maintained an average rating of 4.5 stars across more than 2,000 reviews. This presentation will outline the strategy and steps Logix takes to turn criticism from online detractors into branding opportunities.

4. Two Banks, One Brand: 100 Years In the Making

Dan Marks, CMO of Hancock Whitney

What happens when two banks — both over 100 years old — merge? How do you combine brands while leveraging the best of both? How do you tell a singular brand story without abandoning the rich legacy? When branding is done right, it’s more than just a logo change. Get the inside do’s and don’ts of the rebranding process, with practical lessons learned as Hancock Bank and Whitney Bank brands became one — from research and strategy to execution in thousands of touchpoints.

5. The Grand Strategy: Social Media Results From Brand Ambassadors

Natalie Bartholomew, VP/Chief Administrative Officer at Grand Savings Bank

Tired of fighting against ever-changing social media algorithms and stressing about where you’ll find good content to share? Learn how Grand Savings Bank grew their social media community and increased engagement with followers by tapping their strongest advocates: their own team! Here’s how to turn staff into social media influencers and online brand ambassadors.

6. The Power of Internal Culture in Your Brand’s Strategy

Steve Ducey, CXO at Vibrant Credit Union

Wouldn’t it be cool if employees had so much pride that they talked about what was happening at their financial institution on a Friday night? Why don’t they? Why not give them something to talk about? This presentation will explore the power of building a strong corporate culture that aligns with your brand strategy. Learn how to trigger honest testimonials from staff and encourage employees to share your story — even when the boss is not in the room.

7. Building Community Awareness with #PayItForward

Lynne Jarman Johnson, CMO at Consumers Credit Union

Hear how this financial institution used a “Pay It Forward” strategy to support the grand opening of a new branch location. Learn how to hit deposit goals, grow relationships with neighborhood businesses, and foster a greater sense of loyalty in the local community with a fun, creative, feel-good #payitforward campaign.