Attendee Feedback

When we say The Financial Brand Forum is “the best conference in banking,” we’re not exaggerating. But don’t take our word for it. We’ve received countless testimonials from thousands of past attendees. See for yourself!

Summary of attendee feedback:

  • A great investment and an excellent use of time
  • The content and speakers are phenomenal
  • 97% say they will attend again
  • It’s the best conference in banking, if not the best conference you’ll ever attend
  • Focused on high-level strategic planning and growth
  • More than marketing — digital channels, fintech, CX, retail delivery, AI, and more
  • It’s inspirational, motivational, and energizing
  • Superb networking opportunities
  • Bring your team — don’t go alone

Absolutely fabulous! It exceeded all of my expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed the breakouts and keynote speakers. It is definitely more than a marketing conference, and it is ideal for CEOs and other executives who have an eye to strategic planning initiatives. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone!

Vanessa Madore, President & CEO at Maine Savings FCU

Mind blowing! The best bank marketing and technology conference. The right mix of topics infused with an insane quality of content! In the world of hype and influencers, my time is my most valuable asset. The Forum elevates above the noise, contributes to the success of my organization, and future-proofs my career!

Yury Nabokov, AVP/Customer Experience & Digital Marketing at Machias Savings Bank

Hugely informative and worth my investment of time. Peer networking was the best.

Shirley Fiano, SVP/Director of Digital Operations at SouthState Bank

Excellent conference! I have attended others, and this one is so much better in content, innovation and value.

Sandra Waldon, Retail Banking/Marketing Officer at United Community Bank

A must-attend for marketing professionals.

Luther Lampert, Director of Digital Banking Strategies at Northwest Bank

Loved it!

Laura Byers, Chief Digital Banking Officer at Coastal Community Bank

Amazing! One of the better conferences I’ve been to. Valuable for roles beyond marketing — a great balance of marketing, digital, fintech, and CX. I strongly recommend this conference to anyone in banking who has any influence over strategy and where they should be spending budget dollars. It really opened up my thinking. Well done!

Christopher Groshko, Chief Experience Officer at Advantis Credit Union

Excellent experience. Enjoyed the sessions, keynotes, exhibit hall, and networking!

Annette Knight, EVP/Chief Experience Officer at Allegacy FCU

The best conference out there today. Networking is excellent, and keynote speakers are thought-provoking.

Rauly Butler, EVP/Retail Banking at Mechanics Bank

Simply outstanding! Extremely impressed! Far exceeded my expectations. Best conference of the year, consistently!

Gary Bernard, EVP/Chief Operations Officer at TruWest Credit Union

Excellent — very informative and inspiring! I will be back.

John Hirabayashi, CEO/President at Community First CU of Florida

Awesome! Best conference I’ve ever been to!

Jill Castilla, CEO/President at Citizens Bank of Edmond

One of the best conferences I have ever been to. Well done!

Ben Wells, Digital Banking Officer at Decorah Bank & Trust Company

Truly one of the most relevant conferences I’ve attended in 30+ years! The best speakers, and very organized.

Robin Murray, SVP/Director of Retail Banking at First United Bank & Trust

High energy, very engaging, and insightful information — a great experience!

Angela Zirk, EVP/Chief Experience Officer at Summit Financial

Great conference. Excellent speakers, excellent value!

Chad Willis, Chief Experience Officer at Sunova Credit Union

A great conference with a lot of good takeaways!

Kevin Hanson, CEO/President at Gate City Bank

Packed with interactive, strategic insights and ideas!

Reg Marrinier, Chief Retail Officer at BlueShore Financial

What’s your growth strategy?

Meet over 2,000 of the brightest minds in the banking world at The Financial Brand Forum, and see how innovative C-level leaders are solving their biggest growth challenges.

Great use of my time. Great speakers and valuable information.

Lynn Starr, EVP/Chief Information Officer at BankESB

I truly believe that I learned more from this conference than I would have if I would have taken the time to get my Masters degree. The speakers inspired me to think differently and share those ideas with my team.

Whitney Lake, Digital Marketing Officer at Union Bank & Trust

A great conference with lots of great speakers!

Laura Schmult, SVP/Senior Digital Officer at ANB Bank

A great experience! The best return on any conference investment you will ever make.

Ryan Risetter, Executive Vice President at Farmers State Bank

Hands down the best conference I have ever been to!

Salman Khan, Chief Operating Officer at Westoba Credit Union

By far the best conference for anyone in the financial industry. Speakers were incredible! Awesome job!

Tracey Zimmerman, VP/Operations at Riverfront FCU

Great educational content for marketing, operations, digital, and delivery.

Mark Munno, SVP/Delivery Channels at 7/17 Credit Union

Content, venue, speakers — all top notch!

Charles Petersen, CEO/President at Biddeford Savings

Great experience! Will come again and will bring my team in the future.

Sheri Dick, COO at Forward Bank

A great range of insights — from IT to marketing, and high-level strategy.

Eric Baumgartner, Digital Banking Officer at West Gate Bank

Energizing, exciting, well-executed, and definitely worthwhile — a real shot in the arm that had me thinking outside the box!

Danette Heffner, EVP at VeraBank

Well worth the time. The sessions were quite informative and the networking was fantastic. I also made several vendor contacts for possible future partnerships.

Jennifer Waddell, EVP/CXO at First State Bank of the Florida Keys

A great opportunity to hear from today’s thought leaders and peers.

Gene Pelham, CEO/President at Rogue CU

So many great takeaways! Can’t wait for the next Forum!

Lori Dufficy, EVP/Chief Experience & Engagement Officer at Chelsea Groton Bank

Very well done. The keynote speakers were really good and enjoyed them immensely.

Charles Freeman, CXO at Academy Bank

One of the best conferences I have ever been to!

Elaine Bixby, EVP/Senior Banking Officer at Passumpsic Savings Bank

Best conference I’ve ever attended.

Julie Baalmann, SVP/Retail Banking at Landmark National Bank

Who Attends The Financial Brand Forum?

One third of the 1,000 biggest retail banking providers in the U.S. attend, and more than 1 in 5 attendees are senior-level decision-makers in the C-suite.

The depth of speakers, breadth of vendors, and the ability to network are just awesome!

Daniel Picha, Chief Banking Officer at South Shore Bank

Excellent! Great conference! It was amazing, and well worth the investment.

Jamie Legerski, Marketing Director at Western States Bank

A can’t miss yearly event!

James Dawson VP/Brand Strategy at Alta Vista Credit Union


Michelle Garza, VP/Marketing and PR Manager at Vantage Bank Texas

Tons of value. The one conference I actually look forward to.

Chad Montgomery, Marketing Director at First Bank of Berne

A fantastic conference for financial marketers!

Carmen David Mirabile, SVP/Marketing at Freedom Federal Credit Union

The experience was outstanding! I have been shouting from the rooftops how amazing this conference is — from the amazing speakers, to the space, down to the food and drinks.

Heidi Kadoun, Data Manager at BankWest

Fantastic! Insightful and entertaining keynotes. I filled an entire notebook with notes and ideas. It was exactly the motivation I needed.

Maddie Guethle, VP/Marketing at First Midwest Bank

Love this conference! So many takeaways. You have to attend the Forum!

Karin Rudd, SVP/Checking & Customer Engagement at Gate City Bank

One of the top conferences I’ve ever attended. Topics are on the forefront of what we need to remain relevant in a dynamically evolving world.

Todd Christensen, Chief Marketing Officer at CapEd CU

Absolutely amazing! Useful and practical advice supported by real data.

Nicole Campbell, Head/Group Marketing & Corporate Communications at Sagicor Bank

Excellent speakers, great content — really big ideas that are inspiring and thought-provoking.

Sara Groves, VP/Marketing & Business Development at Helena Community Credit Union

A great opportunity to network, learn, and share ideas. The conference was full of helpful and motivational content.

Victoria Duffin, SVP/Director of Marketing at Lakeland Bank

More takeaways than any other conference I’ve attended!

Jon Moravec, VP/Marketing at CBI Bank & Trust

The event to attend for big picture takeaways.

Fran Cooper, Marketing Director at Kennett National Bank

The best financial conference around.

Robert Harrigan, VP/Sales & Marketing at Fairwinds Credit Union

Valuable and actionable digital marketing insights for the banking industry. A must have on your annual conference calendar!

Michelle Palmer-Keizer, Managing Director at Republic Bank

Great experience! A high-class conference packed with great sessions and electric speakers.

Caitlin Bohrer, Advisory Committee Member at TruWest Credit Union

Wonderful! A higher quality of information than many other conferences.

April Alford, Marketing Manager at First Guaranty Bank

So much great content! Send your team so they can divide and conquer.

Jennifer Topzand, VP/Marketing at Frontwave Credit Union

Growth Strategies and Groundbreaking Innovations in Banking

Learn how to tackle the biggest challenges in banking at The Financial Brand Forum — three days loaded with big ideas, actionable insights, and advanced strategies.

Great networking. Great speakers. Great information!

Jeff MacDonald, First Vice President/Marketing at Marquette Bank

I love the Forum. I can’t wait to attend again!

Andrea Haskett, Marketing Business Partner at Osgood Bank

Motivating! Wow! Will bring the whole team next year!

Carolee Hawkins, Marketing Director at Alpine Bank

Exceeded my expectations! Fantastic keynotes. I walked away with many actionable items to implement right away.

Audra Stevens, VP/Operations at High Point FCU

I am overwhelmed by the content, the insights, and networking opportunities.

Joe Jentgen, VP/Marketing at Partners 1st FCU

The best conference for financial marketers at any level.

Todd Petelle, Digital Experience Manager at 3Rivers FCU

Excellent! Cutting edge ideas and tangible techniques I can use right away.

Betsy Knoblock Grabinski, Senior Marketing Manager at Greater Iowa Credit Union

Dynamic, innovative, fun and vibrant!

Jillian Bartley, VP/Marketing at Prism Bank

I was super blown away! Our executive team needs to attend with me next year!

Niki Jelstad, Director of Marketing at Prospera Credit Union

Energizing! The Forum really changes your thinking!

Denise Gates, VP Retail Banking/Consumer Loans at ChoiceOne Bank

Great experience, lots of actionable information. Encouraging, inspiring, forward-looking.

Mark Bernal, VP/Branch Banking at Bank of the Sierra

Energized and energizing. Educational and entertaining. Insightful and Informative. An outstanding experience.

Alan Rose, SVP/CMO at Lakeside Bank

By far the best conference for financial marketers. Lots of great ideas, networking and education.

Dawn Gonzales, SVP at Centris FCU

The Forum is a high energy conference that can help push your vision and strategy forward.

Fabio Biasella, SVP/CMO at Five Star Credit Union

The Forum is the most valuable conference I’ve ever attended!

Angie Greiner, Digital Marketing Officer at Hills Bank & Trust

A different kind of conference — not the same old stuff!

Tom Larson, Board Director at Oregon Community Credit Union

Grow Your Bottom Line with a Guaranteed ROI

If you don’t come away from The Financial Brand Forum with at least a dozen big ideas that will grow your brand and your bottom line, you can have your money back — no questions asked.

Great experience — inspiring and exciting!

Ken Moser, VP/Marketing at Arsenal Credit Union

The best financial marketing conference out there! The quality of speakers is unmatched.

Kim Faucher, VP/Marketing at Trailhead Credit Union

A wonderful experience. The Forum is so high-quality and leaves me feeling inspired, motivated, and confident in the work we are planning for our future. I made some really great connections with vendors and peers that will help us achieve our goals. I hope to bring my entire team in 2024! The speakers were really wonderful.

Schuyler Bull, VP/Marketing at Pioneer Bank

Awesome content! Leaves me feeling energized and ready to move my bank forward.

Laura Wiegert, SVP/Marketing at Investors Community Bank

Hands down the best conference I’ve ever attended. So many applicable takeaways and inspiring speakers. I’m so glad I brought my team this year, and we all benefitted. Can’t wait for the next Forum!

Bryan Gilbert, Director of Marketing at American Bank

The #1 banking conference in the world. Definitely worth the time!

Tyson Doke, VP/Marketing Director at United Bankers Bank

Worth every minute of my time!

Cindy Hamann, VP/Brand Experience at Reliant Community FCU

Excellent conference with incredible content and ideas.

Eric Nutter, VP/Director of Marketing at First United Bank & Trust

An experience like none other!

Mario Martinez, Wealth Management Officer at Southside Bank

Beyond my wildest expectations!

Lisa Gilbertson, SVP/Marketing at Western Security Bank

By far the best financial conference I’ve been to. The quality is on another level!

Emily Friesen, Chief Marketing & Analytics Officer at WSECU

Excellent content! We came away completely energized.

Carol Colson, SVP/Marketing at Bangor Savings Bank

This conference is a game-changer for me. Thank you for this awesome experience.

Stephanie Sullivan, Marketing Officer at ACCESSbank

Jam-packed with good content geared towards marketing, CX, leadership and innovation. Nicely organized for executives.

Laury Rinker, VP/Marketing at Mission Investment Fund

Energizing and inspirational. Lots of fun, with many timely takeaways. Well worth attending!

Donna Jacobson, VP/Director of Marketing at 1st Security Bank of WA

Great industry insights. Not just a marketing conference.

Daniel Rathfelder, VP/Card Services at Coastal FCU

Refreshing! A conference with so many valuable takeaways — simply awesome.

Kim Gunaka, Vice President at Old National Bank

Inspirational and informative — a valuable investment of my time.

Jodi Greulich, VP/Marketing Manager at Civista Bank

What’s your growth strategy for 2025 and beyond?

Meet over 2,000 of the brightest minds in the banking world at The Financial Brand Forum, and see how these innovative C-level leaders in banking are solving their biggest growth challenges.

The Financial Brand Forum | April 14-16, 2025