2019 Breakouts

Here’s the line-up of world-class breakout presentations that were offered at The Financial Brand Forum 2019.

How-To Presentations

Dozens of strategy sessions loaded with actionable insights and big ideas from the best and brightest minds in banking.

The Financial Brand works closely with our speakers to carefully craft an agenda that’s all about “how to” instead of just “why you should.” By focusing on “how” instead of “why,” you will arm yourself with concrete ideas and strategies you can implement immediately — nothing but practical advice and actionable insights that are guaranteed to build both your brand and your bottom line.

13 Surprising New Ways to Make Your Acquisition Marketing Campaigns Deliver More

Nancy Harhut, Behavioral Scientist and Chief Creative Officer at Harhut & Associates

How do you get consumers in today’s multi-device, multi-channel, information-soaked world to do what you want? In this revealing how-to session, you’ll learn the latest marketing techniques and discover the secrets of consumer psychology that trigger action and drive results. Nancy Harhut, a perenial attendee favorite and one of The Financial Brand’s most popular instructors, uncovers surprising new ways — fueled by the latest findings in brain science — to make acquisition messaging more effective in the financial industry. See numerous examples from a variety of verticals including financial services, and leave with actionable takeaways you can easily incorporate in your marketing strategy right away.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to turbocharge any acquisition strategy with the tricks of “decision science”
  • New copywriting and design secrets that resuscitate fatigued email and weary direct marketing campaigns
  • What to say first when someone “isn’t in the market”, and the magic words that can get even the most stubborn prospects to break down and say “yes”

Advanced Digital Strategies: Maximizing Marketing ROI With Automated Campaigns & Data-Driven Personalization

Jonathan Rowe, CMO at nCino

The average person sees over 1,700 banner ads every month, and 84% of all email is considered spam. How do marketers cut through all this clutter? When most financial institutions invest less than 0.1% of their assets on marketing, every dollar spent must work as efficiently as possible.

Learn how savvy financial marketers are generating huge lifts on their return on marketing investment (ROMI) with data-driven, personalized campaigns automated across multiple channels. By modeling individualized journeys for both existing and prospective customers, you can create meaningful and engaging content that increases your ROMI.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Best practices for designing an automated marketing system
  • How to build templates for mapping customer journeys
  • Six steps to create personalized marketing content for multiple channels
  • A roadmap that ensures you send the right content to the right consumers at the right time

“Fabulous event! Relevant content, great mix of high level inspirational content coupled with tactical takeaways you can apply as soon as you get back!”

Maria Schwartz
Marketing Director/Brand Strategy
First Republic Bank
($96 billion in assets)

Engineering the Right CX Strategy for Today’s Digital-Centric and Branch-Centric Consumers

Joe Wheeler, Senior Director/Mid-Size Bank Practice Lead at J.D. Power

In 2019, few financial institutions aren’t tracking their customer experience somehow. And most executives in the banking industry know CX strategies need to be integrated into their strategic plans to accomplish their growth goals. The trouble is, they don’t. The trouble is that most traditional institutions just aren’t comfortable in a banking landscape that has become increasingly digital.

Two out of five retail banking customers today are digital-centric, which presents real problems for banking providers — e.g., lower levels of engagement, satisfaction and loyalty. This session will show you how to overcome these challenges by linking three critical concepts together in your CX strategy: life stage, convenience and brand reputation.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What digital-centric consumers want from their banking provider
  • The difference between today’s branch-centric vs. digital-centric consumers, and how to attract more of both
  • The top reasons people — particularly Millennials — switch banks, and how to identify those most likely to switch in the next 12 months
  • How to take your CX strategy to the next level and move past beyond “data” that simply measures and quantifies the experience you deliver
  • Ten critical 10 CX measurements and KPIs you need to integrate into your strategy

Solving The ROI Riddle: How Financial Marketers Quantify Results and Communicate Value to Key Stakeholders

Lance Senoyuit, Senior Principal/Industry Value Engineering – Banking Industry at SAP

Of the estimated $2.1 trillion that will be spent on media globally this year, how much of that will be wasted? In today’s complicated media landscape, how can financial institutions wrap their arms around their marketing ROI? With so many factors affecting marketing’s impact and outcomes, measuring ROI in the financial industry is anything but easy. What separates a “good campaign” from a “bad” one? Obviously everyone wants to drive more revenue to the bottom line, but can all the other, intangible benefits be measured and quantified?

Now more than ever, it’s critical that financial marketers can accurately assess the return of their marketing initiatives and clearly demonstrate the benefits of their campaigns to key stakeholders. This session will show you how to justify your organization’s marketing spend, and determine the MROI across various lines of business.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Metrics and measurements to calculate and quantify marketing ROI (MROI) in financial services
  • How to weigh the multitude of factors involved with calculating marketing ROI (MROI)
  • How to overcome the obstacles and mistakes to avoid when evaluating your MROI
  • How and where technology plays a role
  • How a more effective and accurate approach to MROI has a positive impact on your customer base and critical internal constituencies

Reinventing Retail Financial Products to Beat the Megabanks

Ron Shevlin, Director of Research at Cornerstone Advisors

More and more financial institutions today believe their customer experience is a competitive weapon and primary point of differentiation, and are focusing innovation investments accordingly. But chasing parity in digital delivery capabilities won’t create competitive advantages. Unfortunately, there’s no way smaller and midsize institutions can outspend the megabanks. They have to find another way. The path forward requires that banking providers redesign their core financial products like checking accounts and loans, and target them to specific segments and niches in the market.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why retail banking providers must rethink the role of checking accounts and the overemphasis of “PFI status” in their strategy
  • Why it’s time to kill free checking products
  • How traditional retail financial products need to be reimagined for targeted consumer segments
  • How to innovate and differentiate by bundling non-financial products

The Art & Science of Human Persuasion: The New Rules of Customer Engagement in a Data-Driven World

Matt Oczkowski, President at Data Propria

As the former Head of Product at Cambridge Analytica, Matt Oczkowski was led data strategy for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, where he correctly predicted voter trends as well as the outcome of the 2016 election, spotting statistical phenomena all other analysts missed.

In this session, one of the world’s prominent data scientists and foremost authorities on consumer behavior will share the secrets of data analytics that every marketer needs to know. Oczkowski will take you behind the scenes, deep into the world where data science, behavioral marketing, and modern research intersect, to reveal his techniques and show attendees exactly what is possible in influencing and predicting consumer behavior.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to engineer data-driven campaigns that deliver shocking results
  • How to connect the dots between behavioral science, machine learning and sentiment analysis to make informed decisions about groups of people
  • How to identify what motivates individuals to take action and influence their decisions

The Fintech Effect: How Digital Innovators Are Disrupting Banking

Dave DeFazio, Partner at StrategyCorps

Consumers are no longer loyal to traditional banking providers, and nimble competitors are rushing in to capitalize on this weakness. With millions of users, digital innovators like Venmo, Square, and PayPal are redefining banking experiences and changing the way consumers shop for and acquire financial services.

This session will explore the intersection of mobile UX and financial retailing. Attendees will see live demonstrations of new digital tools from fintech disruptors that are reimagining every aspect of banking and winning the battle for Millennial customers. Learn how to respond to new consumer behaviors and changing attitudes about traditional banking products, and see how financial services should work in a modern world.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How hot trendsetting fintech providers are make banking easier and more intuitive for customers
  • How new robo-tools including AI, algorithms, asynchronous chat and voice-activated banking services are automating financial advice
  • New innovations from traditional financial institutions that will alter the banking landscape over the next 12 months

People First: The Key to Maintaining Branch Relevance in a Digital World

Dena Roten, Managing Director of Retail Banking at Citibank

In our increasingly digital world, retail branch locations remain relevant because they provide physically tangible payoffs for the psychological needs people have when establishing banking relationships. Branches offer physical reassurance that a financial institution can deliver the sense of trust, security and convenience consumers crave.

However, retail locations will continue to evolve. While much attention is heaped on tech and the digitization of branches, it is staff who are the relevant differentiators on the front lines. Learn how Citibank is brings retail branch teams up to date by equipping them with the new skills required to keep up with the shifting needs of today’s consumers.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How branch staff can capitalize on the unique competitive advantages retail locations afford
  • Best practices for refreshing and developing branch talent to improve performance
  • How to prepare your frontline teams for the inevitable big changes ahead by fostering a culture of agility and readiness
  • How to create a curriculum of ongoing learning and skill development with a streamlined training infrastructure

The Personalization Imperative: Financial Marketers Must Grow Relationships at Scale or Perish

Alyson Clarke, Principle Analyst at Forrester Research

Digitally savvy consumers expect personalized experiences that anticipate their needs and offer what they’re looking for — in some cases, before they even know what it is they want. The ongoing evolution of AI and cognitive technology is shifting marketing from static identity-based, demographic-based targeting to dynamic intent-driven personalization based on meaningful context.

But financial marketers are getting it wrong — just checking the box on “personal” experiences as they push the next best offer. The result? Missed opportunities to differentiate, deepen engagement, and remain relevant. Learn new approaches and how new technologies can help get you more personal, authentic and engaging in the moment.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why banking providers are getting it wrong, and the missed opportunities
  • How financial institutions can differentiate and put the person back in personalization
  • How to overcome common challenges
  • What banking providers can learn from leaders in other industries who are personalizing at scale

Transforming Relationships Into Revenue: A Roadmap for Financial Executives

Barbara Sanfilippo, CEO of High Definition Banking®

Do people view you as a financial partner or just another errand? Do they give you their transactional business but go elsewhere for high-value services like borrowing, investing and insurance?

Banking providers must totally redefine their sales model, moving beyond transactional product selling to demonstrate true passion and genuine concern for the people’s financial well-being. In this idea-packed and energizing session, you’ll learn a proven system to advance beyond the initial onboarding experience. Challenge your thinking and find out how to move forward with a new game plan for generating revenue.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to turn CRM into ROI with a structured, sustainable roadmap guaranteed to build trust and deepen relationships
  • How to turn your staff into proactive relationship managers and financial coaches
  • How to score your organization on 10 critical factors that determine what you must do to transition from a transactional cross-selling model to a relationship-driven organization
  • The three emotional drivers of customer relationships, and why meeting those means a highly differentiated experience that leads to more business

How to Maximize Content Marketing for Exponential Loan and Deposit Growth

James Robert Lay, Founder & CEO of the Digital Growth Institute

Content marketing is more than publishing an occasional blog or social media post. It is the fuel for your financial brand’s future digital growth engine.

This session will show you how to plan, produce, and promote content in every step in the consumer buying journey. You’ll take back proven and actionable insights that will help you position your financial brand as the empathetic, helpful, and trusted financial guide for people in the communities you serve so you can generate 10X more leads, loans, and deposits.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to use content marketing to generate more leads for loans and deposits
  • How financial brands are already maximizing content for exponential loan and deposit growth
  • How to map and align content marketing to every stage of the digital consumer buying journey
  • How to maximize the promotion of your content through digital distribution channels
  • How to structure a content marketing team with internal and external talent

Digital Banking 2025: The Four Strategic Pillars for Success

Jouk Pleiter, CEO and Co-Founder of Backbase

People want a seamless experience and smart digital platforms. Banking providers must be ready to compete in a world of non-stop innovation, but legacy systems are thwarting the digital transformation at 77% of financial institutions, and stopping half of them.

This session will show you what it takes to create a platform that makes your institution dynamic and innovative enough to compete in today’s digital world. Learn about the four strategic pillars required to build a future-proof digital bank, and how to overcome the roadblocks to digital transformation.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to become the bank of the future now, and move from “digital-on-the-side” to “digital first”
  • How to shift from channel islands to create seamless, omni-channel, end-to-end customer journeys
  • What’s working and what’s not from digital banking leaders around the world

Listening to the Voice of the Customer: Turning Social Media Insights Into Digital Gold

Troy Janisch, VP/Director of Social Intelligence at U.S. Bank

Likes, clicks, and comments swirl around your brand online every day. People scatter reviews, complaints, and feedback across the web. But what can you do with all this data? This session will show you how to operationalize feedback in digital channels by getting it into the hands of the right stakeholders — from the corporate C-suite down to branch staff on the frontlines. Learn how to aggregate online comments and collate social media input, then capitalize on it by turning it into actionable insights in real time.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to use social media channels to monitor the sentiment of key constituencies
  • How to generate trackable ROI by listening to what people are saying and where they are saying it
  • How to identify which social channels to monitor, and which have the most impact on your brand

Building Banking Relationships By Humanizing Digital Experiences With AI

Michele Elrod, EVP/Head of Marketing at Regions Bank

Regions has been personalizing interactions powered by AI for nearly two years now. This session will reveal the bank’s successes, shortcomings, and lessons learned along the way. Come find out what mistakes you need to avoid, what’s worked, and how to integrate artificial intelligence into your financial institution’s digital transformation strategy.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to achieve more meaningful customer interactions by orchestrating and automating personalized, omni-channel marketing strategies across inbound touch points, including websites, mobile and call centers
  • Integration opportunities to drive greater efficiencies and agility as inbound and outbound marketing strategies converge
  • Lessons learned from a financial services provider who has been there and done it

“I’m a raving fan — literally a lunatic! I’m coming back next year, and bringing colleagues. I cannot process that much good information by myself.”

Jodi Sevigny
VP, Marketing Director
Macatawa Bank
($2.0 billion in assets)

The 4 Pillars of Successful Multi-Channel Branding Campaigns

Lily Harder, VP/Research at Mintel

Maintaining a multi-channel brand presence does more than generate top-of-mind name awareness. Effective integrated brand-building campaigns heighten interest in additional products, making cross-selling easier so you can deepen relationships. Furthermore, brand campaigns can help foster the kind of genuine customer advocacy that stimulates greater engagement and triggers more word-of-mouth conversations. Ultimately, brand campaigns help ensure your financial institution attains top-of-wallet status — and stays there.

In this session, you’ll get a whole new perspective on today’s omnichannel media and marketing landscape. Learn new media-mix strategies from the industry’s most savvy financial marketers, and see examples of best-in-class omnichannel marketing campaigns. You’ll also see stand-out case studies from other industries including retail and e-commerce, and examples of marketing “fails” in financial services.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to increase loyalty while staying on brand
  • Why you have to earn your customers’ business
  • How, where, and when consumers prefer to engage with financial brands
  • How digital and traditional channels can work together
  • Out-of-the-box ways to utilize social media

Data is Currency: Empower Your Marketing By Improving People’s Financial Lives

Jane Barratt, Chief Advocacy Officer at MX

In today’s world, a financial literacy program is often little more than lip service. It’s a checkbox that few financial institutions take seriously, and seldom seen as a marketing lever with real impact on revenue. In this session, you’ll learn the importance of customer advocacy, and how savvy financial marketers can create comprehensive financial wellness programs that drive organizational and member success.

Find out how banking providers can leverage consumers’ financial data to improve their financial strength. This session will show banks and credit unions how they can maximize their marketing ROI by empowering people with financial tools, knowledge, and advice.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How the ROI of advocacy yields higher results than conventional marketing efforts
  • How to be more competitive by turning financial literacy into a powerful marketing tool
  • How to give consumers a clear view of where they stand in their financial lives
  • Why clean data matters, and how to put it to use with the right financial tools

Digital Natives: Winning the Next Generation of Financial Consumers

Jeff Fromm, President of FutureCast

Millennials have rocked the financial world. And Gen Z will shake the industry up again next. Jeff Fromm, widely respected as “The Millennial Marketing Guy,” will walk through the ways financial institutions can prepare now to become trusted advisors and win their lifelong business.

This session will teach attendees how to rethink and realign business strategies to best capture revenues from both Millennials and Gen Z. Learn how emerging generations and Millennial trends are reshaping the business, and what financial brands must do to better reach younger consumers. Includes examples of best practices that can be applied to drive engagement.

What You’ll Learn:

  • A new approach to understanding the Millennial consumer journey and how the “Millennial mindset” should shape your strategy
  • How to bridge the Millennial profit gap in financial services The major youth trends that influence consumer behavior and attitudes
  • New marketing strategies that win with Millennials, and why content marketing is absolutely critical
  • The key questions you may not be asking that will help you achieve success

Unleashing Robotic Automation: Strategies for Growth & Profitability in Banking

Chris Nichols, Chief Strategy Officer at CenterState Bank

With artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and machine learning, traditional financial institutions are building new robo-tools that slash costs and improve the banking experience. Working alongside employees, robo-solutions can extend the creative problem-solving capabilities and productivity of human beings and deliver superior business results.

Learn how these new tools can save manpower by ascribing human intuition and intelligence to digital platforms. This session will uncover how robotic process automation can make you smarter and more productive in lending, credit, deposits, customer engagement, service, employee support, compliance and culture.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How banking providers can prepare for the future and grow in the new robo-reality
  • 10 immediately actionable robo-driven ideas to make any financial institution more profitable
  • How robots will change how banks and credit unions think about marketing
  • Why more than half your staff will be replaced by robots in the future (and how to make sure you’re not one of them)
  • How robotics and cognitive automation will keep banking providers from drowning in data

Google & Big Data Disruption: Secrets of Search & SEO for Financial Marketers

Wil Reynolds, Founder & Director of Digital Strategy at Seer Interactive

If you listen carefully, you can hear the many little clues that Google sends about what your customers want. Are you paying attention? And can you harvest those insights at scale?

Mining millions of queries isn’t easy, but this session will show financial marketers how to leverage the insights from Google, banking providers, publishers, content aggregators and others.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to break your data free from marketing silos
  • How to link data sets together and create data visualizations that give clarity to the C-suite
  • How to use big data to help you find easy quick content wins, guaranteed to drive leads the next day
  • Maximize the relationship between PPC and SEO, and learn how to use one to inform the other
  • Uncovering your competitor’s content to figure out how and where you can outrank them.
  • How to prioritize disruptive changes in search — rich snippets, voice search, mobile and more

Banking in an Omni-Channel World: Integrating Social Media and Retail Channels

Katelin Cwieka, AVP/Social Media and Brand Communications Manager at Avidia Bank

In today’s digitally-centered world, many financial institutions feel pressure to build their presence online — from social media and websites to SEO/SEM and display advertising. But how do you balance this while maintaining the strong brick-and-mortar presence you’ve spent decades cultivating in the communities you serve? And most importantly, how can you make these things work together to create an omni-channel experience with synergy? Gloria Roheim McRae from Hootsuite, one of the world’s leading social media platforms, will join Katelin to show how you can use your branch’s physical presence to generate more online traffic, and vice versa.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to create a cohesive, integrated experience that links marketing between branch and online channels
  • How to engage and activate employees to help build your digital and social media presence and increase branch traffic
  • How to leverage physical channels to fuel more online conversations, more traffic on your website, and greater engagement in your social media community
  • How and where to start when it comes to compliance

Personalization With a Human Touch: Strategies to Build a Powerful Cross-Selling & Onboarding Program in Banking

Paula Tompkins, Founder and CEO at ChannelNet

The typical customer with just one product will stay with their financial institution for only 18 months. But simply adding a second product extends that relationship to four years. And yet financial institutions miss opportunities to retain customers every day.

By incorporating a personalized, human touch to digital interactions, banks and credit unions can consistently outperform their peers and provide stronger — and more profitable — relationships with customers. Learn how to create a digital, data-driven strategy that incorporates personalization techniques that drive loyalty and generate cross-selling opportunities.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to become customer-centric and successfully make the shift from a purely product/sales focused marketing strategy
  • How to reach people across various points in their “life cycle” — from awareness to purchase, retention and advocacy
  • How to build meaningful dialogue with consumers and create more honest relationships
  • How to curate killer content from the your website, social media and other digital properties to create relevant digital experiences
  • How to personalize interactions that maximize relevance and eliminate communications overload

The Financial Marketer’s Guide to Crafting Killer Social Media Strategies

Claudia Sandino, Social Media Director at Alibaba Group

Many financial institutions struggle with social media. They have a hard time gaining any traction and growing their online community. Cross-selling products and generating leads are a perpetual challenge. How can social media managers be creative and produce great content without causing compliance problems?

Learn how one bank aligned its social media program with their strategic plan, delivering results that achieve critical business objectives. Whether you are starting from scratch or have been active in social media for years, this session will make sure you’re on the right track.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to build, grow and manage your financial institution’s online communities
  • How to develop social media content that resonates with your target audience
  • How to generate leads and trigger sales through social channels
  • How to target prospects with compliant ads on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram
  • How to engage with consumers online and deliver great service through social channels
  • How to measure and report the success of your social media strategy

“It was as if someome from The Financial Brand had been sitting in our department meetings, then seamlessly delivered breakout sessions, how-to presentations and keynote speakers tailored to our exact needs!”

Pam Hatt
VP of Marketing
Pen Air Federal Credit Union
($1.4 billion in assets)

The CX Revolution & The New Rules of Digital Marketing

Christopher Lester, President of C4ward Strategies

People don’t hate marketing. They just hate bad marketing. The truth is that consumers today are so connected and empowered with information that many traditional marketing strategies are now obsolete or unnecessary. Marketing today is less about selling and more about crafting an experience.

In this session, you’ll learn how to leverage brain science, audience data and consumer-centricity to tell a better story about your institution. Learn how smart marketers are shifting away from pushing products and hammering messages to building tribes and creating visual content that is interactive and sharable.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to shift from mundane messages to marketing that’s magic
  • How to get your audience tuned in, turned up and talking
  • How to use data, smart pixels, and your data platform to craft personal experiences
  • The importance of targeting and why you need to segment the heck out of your audience
  • How to build for the future and compete for attention with retailers who have already figured it out

Cracking The Code on Behavioral Science – How Digital Banking Is Transforming People’s Lives

Mark Cliffe, Global Head of Research at ING Group

By leveraging leveraging behavioral science and understanding the principles of consumer psychology, financial marketers can understand not just what people do, but why. Banks and credit unions can now collect and leverage “soft data” on consumers — their goals, emotions and social behaviors — and foster emotional engagement with people, wherever they are

This session shows how digital technology will enable financial marketers to go beyond merely  transactional interactions, seamless uX, push marketing and their own channels. By harnessing personalized social interactions, banks can emulate the viral growth of the platform companies.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How people make decisions about money – money is emotion, social and time.
  • How personalized services must weave data analytics, behavioral economics, and social interaction strategies together in digital channels
  • How the digital banking revolution goes beyond transactional data
  • How digital banking channels must evolve to transform people’s lives and help them make better financial decisions

Cultivating Smart Data to Enrich Relationships: Leveraging Next-Generation MCIF Platforms

Ben Stangland, Principal/President & COO of Strum

For over 30 years, an MCIF system was the marketer’s “power tool”, but it never became a real resource for others in the C-suite. Such systems couldn’t answer complex growth questions or shape strategic decisions. In today’s dynamic marketplace, financial marketers must employ a new set of digital and analytical tools to mine data that enhances relationships and improves their experience.

In this session, you’ll learn the vital role marketers now play working with leaders in IT and other teams to implement a modern data analytics platform that truly transforms your marketing strategy and delivers real ROI. Learn how to move from antiquated data modeling systems to dynamic “predictive and prescriptive” tools that drive smarter decisions.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How an intelligent data warehouse platform — combined with outside data and machine learning tools — can measurably increase bottom line performance and profits
  • How your C-suite can align every department around new models for strategic ROI by tapping data-driven tools like visual dashboards and heat maps
  • How to identify optimal “lifestyle segments” and turn them into data-driven “marketing personas” that more accurately predict people’s wants and needs
  • How data improves targeting, fuels cross-selling, and enhances interactions through greater personalization

Retooling Your Organization and Evolving Your Culture Around CX Strategies That Drive Growth

Deborah Mersino, Chief Marketing & Experience Officer at OCCU

Most financial institutions today have some form of CX initiative underway. But many are still unsure how effective these strategies will actually be. What business outcomes will they ultimately deliver?

In this session, you will learn what your financial institution needs at both the organization and strategic levels to engineer an effective CX program — the shifts necessary to drive positive results.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The Rx for CX — eight steps and specific recommendations to achieve CX maturity
  • The cultural changes and skills sets you need to make exceptional CX a reality
  • The advantages of agile methodology and Scrum, and the principles behind human-centered design
  • How to cultivate a vision for improved CX, and an action plan to drive tangible metrics

AI and Machine Learning in Banking: Practical Applications for Financial Marketers

Brian Knollenberg, VP/Member Insights and Strategy at BECU

Everywhere you turn, you hear how AI and machine learning are completely transforming banking. But what’s real and what’s hype? This session will show what these new emerging technologies are truly capable of — what they can and can’t do, what is and isn’t possible — separating fact from fiction. We’ll dig into the process, showing you how to get started, where to focus, what to watch out for, and how much of an impact it can have on your bottom line.

What You’ll Learn:

  • A framework to measure your readiness — key considerations and internal capabilities that must be addressed before integrating AI and machine learning into your marketing strategy
  • How advanced data analytics can increase revenues and the level of impact you can expect on your business
  • How to evaluate potential partners and possible solutions and what they potentially bring to the table
  • Why consolidating, collating and enriching your data is critical to advanced data analytics initiatives
  • How a focus on financial health in combination with PFI can increase engagement and product penetration

Successful Social Media Marketing Strategies That Supercharge Engagement

Alexandra Gekas, VP/Marketing & Engagement at Callahan & Associates

Looking for new ways to attract more followers? Want to hit that next home run in social channels? Take a trip around the nation to see what’s working in social media marketing today. This session will show you examples of best practices, and give you strategies you can utilize at your institution. Discover new ways that marketers in banking and other industries are leveraging social media for both engagement and growth.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to leverage different platforms to achieve various strategic objectives
  • Three of the most effective ways to foster greater engagement with your audience
  • Tips to effectively leverage your content on social media channels

Always Be Onboarding: Strategies to Delight and Engage New Accountholders Beginning On Day 1

Tricia Hrotko, Regional Executive at Digital Onboarding and former EVP/Chief Revenue Officer at Clifton Savings Bank

It costs a lot of money to acquire new customers, and you never get a second chance to make a first good impression. What happens in the days and weeks after someone opens their new account or gets a loan has a massive impact on their long term profitability. It’s simple. Banking providers that cross-sell more products and services and grow their bottom line start with a great onboarding on Day 1, then sustain on-going positive interactions over the lifetime of the relationship.

This session will show you how to launch a personalized communication program with highly relevant product suggestions and curated content based on customer and member needs and behavior. Learn what machine learning-augmented, marketing automation 2.0 looks like, and how it will yield big growth for your financial institution.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to thank, engage, guide and assist new customers with 1:1 campaigns that lead to fully-engaged relationships
  • How to increase adoption of additional products and services and drive long term profitability
  • How to leverage the power of machine learning to define the optimal who, what, when, how and why messages are delivered — automatically and in real-time
  • How AI will make marketing more effective and efficient — predicting campaign success and testing for optimization automatically

Maximizing Marketing Automation Tools to Accelerate Growth in Banking

Peter Stackpole, Founder of Stackpole

Within the next five years, marketers will invest more than $25 billion in automation tools. The financial sector in particular is predicted to leverage these powerful tools to manage crucial components of their integrated marketing initiatives.

This session will show financial marketers what it takes to successfully harness the true potential of marketing automation. In this comprehensive and engaging presentation — citing case studies and examples from the banking industry — you’ll learn the crucial steps necessary for a successful implementation and how to unleash marketing automation tools at your financial institution.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to align your marketing automation processes to achieve goals with greater efficiency, strengthen cross-channel campaigns, bolster your content strategy, and improve brand equity
  • How to extract the full benefit of marketing automation through the strategic application of workflows and data scoring
  • How to structure and segment your data
  • How to discover new audiences, pinpoint specific target groups, and vet your messaging to ensure it speaks to them effectively

Crushing Goals & Fueling Growth With Inbound Marketing

Meredith Olmstead, CEO and Founder of FI Grow

Go beyond vanity metrics and learn exactly what it takes for financial marketers to succeed by implementing a complete inbound growth stack. From online account opening to completing even the most complicated home mortgage process, this session will arm you with the tactics, tips and tricks your team needs to make inbound sales and marketing a success at your financial institution.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How financial marketers can build an “inbound growth stack”
  • Measurable digital marketing techniques that generate leads, deepen current relationships, and increase share of wallet
  • Actionable tips you can implement with your sales team — starting today!
  • How to compete in digital channels despite heavy regulation and compliance burdens

“Valuable and actionable digital marketing insights for the banking industry. The Financial Brand Forum is a ‘must have’ on your annual conference calendar!”

Michelle Palmer-Keizer
Marketing Manager
Republic Bank
($8.6 billion in assets)

Incorporating Simple Digital Strategies for Robust, Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Deidra Colvin, CMO at Baker Hill

When it comes to digital marketing, many financial institutions have dragged their feet. But in a world where “traditional marketing strategies” don’t exist anymore because the entire ballgame is won (or lost) in digital channels, you have to be fully onboard and 100% committed.

In this candid session, we’ll explore the “Millennialization” of today’s consumers and how to meet your most valuable targets where they are: online, in digital channels. You’ll learn how they want to engage digitally — wherever, whenever and however they like — and walk away with practical examples of just how to do it without (literally) breaking the bank.

What You’ll Learn:

  • “Riding shotgun” – How to let your audience drive engagement with your brand
  • “Let ‘em see you sweat” – How to use online tools to allow for greater transparency in processes and communications
  • “Sharing is caring” – Simple, painless pointers for social and mobile media to show your customers just how much you care
  • Why 1:1 relationships matter more than ever, and tips for leveraging digital channels to drive profitable relationships