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Forum 2022 Breakouts

Learn innovative ideas, advanced techniques, and best practices from the brightest minds in banking in these actionable how-to sessions guaranteed to build your brand and your bottom line.

How-To Strategy Sessions

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Building Your 2023 Strategic Plan: The Secrets of High‐Performing Banks

Dr. Sean Payant, Senior EVP and Chief Strategy Officer at Haberfeld

What do high‐performing banks do differently? Where do they focus? Do they
perform better in every category? Or do they actually underperform in certain categories in order to dramatically outperform in others? The answers to these questions are critical as you build your growth strategy for 2023 and beyond.

In this session, Dr. Payant takes a deep dive into performance data to reveal the secrets underpinning the strategic plans at high‐performing banks. You’ll see why some banks consistently rank in the top 5% for ROE year after year, with surprising insights into what these top performers know that their competitors don’t.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • How to evaluate the elements of high‐performing banks, and how they achieve jaw-dropping results
  • The most critical strategies that yield maximum impact on performance metrics
  • Consistent and proven approaches you can use to accelerate growth and outpace your competition
  • How to identify and implement actionable strategies that significantly increase recurring non‐interest income

CX Strategies to Humanize Banking in the Digital Age

The best financial brands of the future will seamlessly harmonize digital and human to create differentiated brand experiences. But how do we get there? Can a bank be digital-first without sacrificing the human connection that many customers still value? What interactions can be completely digital, and when do employees need to personally engage with customers? Where do touchpoints like live chat, video conferencing, and contact centers fit into the CX strategy?

This session will show you how to balance the use of digital tools and human engagement to reduce friction, personalize experiences, and simplify the customer journey. You’ll learn how to strike the right strategic balance between ‘high tech’ digital experiences and ‘high touch’ interactions by combining the strength of humans with the power of technology.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • Hybrid CX models combining the best of physical and digital distribution to deliver differentiated customer experiences at scale
  • How technology can be used to augment the human experience and empower both customers and employees
  • How differentiating with emotion in a digital-first world gives your CX strategy a competitive edge that drives acquisition and energizes your brand
  • How to deliver more human experiences in the digital banking channels using sophisticated technologies like artificial intelligence
  • Best practices, case studies, and examples from inside the banking industry and other verticals

Dipanjan Chatterjee, Principal Analyst/Financial Vertical at Forrester

Dipanjan Chatterjee
Principal Analyst Financial Vertical

Peter Wannemacher, VP/Principal Analyst at Forrester

Peter Wannemacher
Principal Analyst

Digital Transformation 2.0: Advanced Strategies for Tangible Outcomes

Digital transformation is a challenge in any industry, but the challenges are compounded exponentially in banking. Success hinges on uniting a cultural ambition to affect real change with purposefully designed customer experiences and proactive data-driven customer engagement — all centered around achieving specific, targeted outcomes.

This session is perfect for banking providers that have already overcome many of the technological hurdles involved with digital transformation — those looking to accelerate the next phase of their journey by improving their ability to affect change faster, meet CX expectations, and achieve the desired outcomes.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • The big trends and hardcore realities of digital transformation in banking today
  • Lessons learned from digital banking executives leading over 30 digital transformation initiatives in banking — what works and what doesn’t
  • Critical performance metrics, current industry benchmarks, and the digital KPIs that matter most
  • Keys to funding and de-risking digital transformation strategies
  • How to navigate the complexities with multiple concurrent transformation initiatives underway
  • Essential workstreams that must be part of any transformation initiative

Jim Burson, Managing Director at Cornerstone Advisors

Jim Burson
Managing Director
Cornerstone Advisors

Amanda Swanson, Director at Cornerstone Advisors

Amanda Swanson
Cornerstone Advisors

Data-Driven Growth Strategies: Best Practices That Maximize Banking Relationships

Becky Summers, Strategic Advisor at Raddon (a Fiserv company)

All high-performing financial institutions have one thing in common: they use advanced data analytics to achieve their strategic growth objectives — finding and attracting new customers, growing account balances, retaining relationships, and keeping people engaged.

In this session, you’ll learn how to building the right marketing strategy around data-driven insights, including case studies, best practices and multiple examples from within the banking industry. You’ll learn how to create an Amazon-style experience leveraging predictive analytics to determine next-best products, and deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • Proven data strategies that turbocharge cross-selling, improve household profitability, increase adoption of additional products, and expand wallet share
  • How to personalize marketing messages and provide relevant recommendations based on accountholders’ transactions and behaviors
  • How to decrease attrition and identify at-risk relationships by looking at data trends for shifts in accountholders’ payment patterns and deposit habits
  • How to identify where accountholders have other relationships, which competitors are stealing your accountholders, and the gaps between you and your competitors

Omnichannel Customer Journeys in Banking: Building Roadmaps for Revenue Growth

Christopher Colley, Chief Industry Advisor of Financial Services at QualtricsChristopher Colley, Chief Industry Advisor of Financial Services at Qualtrics

To be effective in today’s omnichannel world, you need more than just snapshots of interactions in isolated touchpoints. Financial marketers need to understand every aspect of the customer journey — which interactions occur in which channels, and in what sequence.

CX strategies built around customer journeys encompassing all phases of the customer’s decision for a banking product are 30% more effective at predicting outcomes than merely measuring conversions in an individual touchpoint.

In this session, you’ll see how the best experience managers in banking have optimized their customer journeys to drive revenue growth, with practical steps and tangible lessons from the industry’s early adopters.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • How today’s banking providers are maximizing the value of their CX investments by engineering their experience strategy around customer journeys
  • Practical ways to drive greater conversions, multiply repurchase rates, and re-engage at-risk customers and through customer journeys
  • How to win when crucial consumer journeys — like mortgage applications — can stretch over several months and involve multiple functions
  • How banking providers are rethinking CX metrics and why some measurement frameworks fail to move the needle, and how to avoid common pitfalls
  • How to harness the potential of unstructured data sources to identify efficiencies and streamline customer journeys

The Future of Digital Payments

Matthew Wilcox, President/Digital Payments & Data Aggregation at FiservMatthew Wilcox, President/Digital Payments & Data Aggregation at Fiserv

Changes in technology and customer behavior are driving massive changes in the payments industry. Consumers are embracing real-time payments and demanding more from financial institutions. Banking providers must keep pace to capture the opportunities inherent in this shifting landscape.

Join this illuminating session to explore the latest trends in payments, payments infrastructure, the players, and where are we going next. You’ll learn how digitization and the emergence of new payments platforms and networks bring both challenges and opportunities for financial institutions. Real-time payments have sparked the emergence of sophisticated players, from The Clearing House and The Federal Reserve to the Zelle® network and fintechs — both large and small.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • The latest trends in digital payments
  • Where financial institutions are investing to retool their payments systems
  • What’s needed to capitalize on advances in technology to better align with customer preferences
  • The emerging players in the payments ecosystem — disruptors, frenemies or competitive threats — and the roles they play
  • Which new real-time networks are vital to a financial institution’s longer-term relevance
  • Real-time payments strategies for banking providers and traditional financial institutions

Creating Data-Driven Financial Brands That Thrive in The Experience Economy

Betty Moon, Senior Principal/Financial Services Industry at SAP

With consumer demands intensifying at a breakneck pace, financial institutions of all sizes struggle to attract, retain and grow relationships. But meeting these challenges goes way beyond marketing initiatives. In the digital-first world, banking providers must rethink everything about their business models.

Today, financial institutions must deliver a new and exceptional customer experience, supported by new technologies — from AI and advanced analytics, to open platforms and the cloud. In this session, you’ll explore revolutionary new customer, employee, product, and brand experiences that are differentiating banking brands, increasing customer engagement, and driving increased loyalty.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • How financial institutions across the globe utilize new technologies to improve customer loyalty, retention, and revenue
  • How to reshape banking distribution models by deeply understanding your customers throug real-time data, machine learning, and smart automation
  • Three CX myths that can destroy your brand, and how to move beyond them

Maximizing Growth With Data, AI and Digital Marketing

James Robert Lay, CEO of the Digital Growth InstituteJames Robert Lay, CEO of the Digital Growth Institute

The speed of change in financial marketing is accelerating at an exponential pace, exposing cracks in digital growth strategies for many banking providers. Financial marketers must now combine data, AI, and digital marketing capabilities into a unified strategy framed around consumer journey.

This session will provide the actionable insights and growth strategies you need to accelerate the adoption of AI and maximize your future digital growth potential. You will learn how to generate more leads with practical digital marketing strategies proven to generate hundreds of millions in loans and deposits.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • The critical digital marketing strategies you need to generate millions more in additional loan and deposit volumes
  • The top threats, risks and digital marketing mistakes that can cost you thousands of leads every month
  • How to maximize digital experiences with automated marketing systems
  • How to improve efficiency with practical AI applications that augment internal marketing capabilities
  • Bonus — Every attendee will receive a signed copy of the best-selling book Banking on Digital Growth

Transforming Financial Wellness Programs Into Revenue-Generating Business Strategies

Naomi Adams Bata, VP/Communications at the Financial Health NetworkNaomi Adams Bata, VP/Communications at the Financial Health Network

Financial health initiatives in banking are rapidly evolving from their feelgood CSR roots to become true C-suite level strategic programs. Why? Because the connection to positive business results is clear. Not only can banking providers increase customers’ long-term value, many are leveraging their financial wellness programs for marketing to attract and retain relationships.

This session will widen the aperture banking executives use to view the subject of financial health, and how best to deploy your initiative to benefit customers, employees and the organization alike.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • How to create a competitive edge with an authentic financial health brand, with case studies emphasizing institutions that have made financial wellness part of their core business strategy
  • How to measure and quantify tangible KPIs as you expand your financial health umbrella
  • A playbook with best practices — including product design, progressive messaging, promotional marketing and communications

Financial Brand Makeover: Keys to Strategic Brand Differentiation & Awareness

Get a front row seat into the brand transformation journey of a real financial institution — a rare opportunity see what worked and what didn’t as Premier America, a $3 billion credit union, implemented an expressive branding strategy based on brand values and market resonance. You’ll learn how they identified the true character and core principles that drive their brand strategy, as they fight for brand distinction in one of the most highly competitive banking markets in the United States.

This unique session will show you how others overcome the same internal pitfalls and cultural challenges when tackling entrenched beliefs in pursuit of a powerful and differentiated brand strategy.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • What it takes to create, evaluate, and refine a differentiated brand strategy in today’s hyper-competitive financial sector
  • Secrets to gaining buy-in and building consensus among impassioned internal stakeholders holding diverse (and sometimes conflicting) points of view
  • How to avoid the biggest and most common branding mistakes, pitfalls and road blocks that prevent financial institutions from building a distinctive brand
  • The trials, challenges, and successful outcomes involved with aligning culture, purpose, values, and future goals
  • The fundamental steps required to build the right brand strategy, and what you need to do to prepare for your next branding initiative
  • How bold storytelling captures brand attention in a crowded market

Josh Streufert, Creative Director at Strum

Josh Streufert
Strum Agency

Karen McGaughey, SVP/Chief Experience Officer at Strum

Karen McGaughey
Strum Agency

Marci Francisco, VP/Client Services at Strum

Marci Francisco
Chief Experience Officer
Premier America CU

7 New Strategies that Instantly Improve Bank Marketing ROI

Nancy Harhut, Chief Creative Officer at HBT Marketing

Financial marketers need every possible bit of return from each dollar you spend, and that means business as usual isn’t an option.

Backed by behavioral science and proven through market research, these seven surprising strategies reveal exactly how to craft marketing messages that motivate consumers to take action.

In this session, you’ll discover new ways to phrase your offers for optimum impact, the best strategies to overcome inertia, and two strategies critical to success. Includes numerous creative examples from multiple verticals, including financial services. You’ll arm yourself with hyper-effective tactics you can easily add to your current and future campaigns in order to make them more powerful – and profitable.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • Seven easy-to-use power tactics that you can apply immediately to make your marketing campaigns more successful
  • The secret techniques, tweaks and best practices that fine tune your marketing messages so they outperform the competition
  • How to incorporate consumer psychology into your marketing campaigns, and the psychological triggers that drive consumers’ decision
  • How to leverage the surprisingly persuasive principles of behavioral science, including the impact of the “Motivating Uncertainty Effect,” “Rhyme as Reason Bias,” and much more!

Beyond Traditional Banking: Innovative Digital Banking Models & New Growth Strategies

Jeffery Kendall, CEO/Founder at NymbusJeffery Kendall, CEO/Founder at Nymbus

Facing an onslaught of competitive pressures, traditional financial institutions are being squeezed in every direction — from revenues and profit margins, to market share and adoption rates. Banking executives have been forced to reevaluate long held assumptions as they completely rethink their acquisition and growth strategies.

This session will show banking providers the way forward, with the innovative digital acquisition strategies they need to attract, engage, and expand relationships with both consumers and businesses. You’ll learn how to overcome stagnant growth trends and transform your organization’s current operating model to protect eroding margins and generate new revenue streams.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • Four different go-to-market models that can serve as the foundational framework for any digital banking growth strategy
  • Alternatives to traditional retail delivery models and branch-based network strategies
  • How to build the blueprint for a niche strategy that expands your digital footprint
  • Strategies to increase market share by targeting affinity segments
  • How to leverage data to identify new addressable markets and untapped growth opportunities
  • How digital banks like Chime create value by seeking alternative routes to growth and leveraging models that differentiate their brand
  • The importance of quantifying each customer’s potential lifetime value (LTV) when crafting your digital banking strategy

Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies for Acquisition, Growth & Retention

Lincoln Parks, Digital Marketing Expert & Banking Thought LeaderLincoln Parks, Digital Marketing Expert & Banking Thought Leader

The digital revolution is forcing CMOs to integrate new technologies that refine segmentation models, deliver personalized offers in real time, automate processes, streamline the customer experience, and translate valuable data into actionable intel.

This session will show bank and credit union marketing leaders how to accelerate innovation, increase the pace of change, and roll out new digital banking solutions faster. Learn new strategies and how-to insights exploiting disruptive technologies to succeed in a crowded, competitive and commoditized market. You’ll leave armed with best practices and proven strategies to connect with consumers on digital platforms and engage in online conversations that drive bottom line results.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • The six pillars essential to the modern digital marketing strategy
  • The formula and strategic framework for predictable growth, with tools and tactics that support actionable metrics
  • Solutions and new technologies that improve conversions, reduce acquisition costs, and increase sales
  • When and where to leverage marketing tools like SEM, geofencing and social media content along the customer journey to create brand awareness and move consumers to purchase
  • How data analytics and AI can help maximize your digital marketing ROI and achieve your business objectives faster

Engineering the Optimal Digital Lending Experience: Fast, Frictionless & Fully-Automated

Devesh Khare, Chief Product Officer at MeridianLinkDevesh Khare, Chief Product Officer at MeridianLink

The future of lending will be dominated by Millennials and Gen Z who increasingly expect their banking providers to deliver “Amazon-like” experiences. These borrowers want a fully-contactless digital lending process — from streamlined digital applications, to fast, automated AI-powered loan decisions.

In this session, you’ll learn how to deliver a world-class, omnichannel digital lending experience that’s fast, responsive and frictionless. You’ll see the best practices and industry trends and shaping digital lending strategies in the banking industry today.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • The three main pillars of a successful digital lending strategy
  • The essential components needed to deliver a frictionless end-to-end digital lending experience
  • How to completely automate and digitize each step in the digital lending journey
  • How to originate and process loans faster while mitigating risks and managing compliance requirements
  • How to increase operational efficiencies, streamline workflows, and reduce costs

Revolutionizing Banking CX Through Customer Centricity

Andrea Olson, CEO at Pragmadik

Banking providers pour money into “digital transformation.” Unfortunately, the ROI on these investments frequently fall short, allowing fintechs to exploit the gaps between customer expectations and the experience banks deliver.

In this session, behavioral scientist, TEDx speaker, and customer-centricity expert Andrea Olson will show you why financial marketers must put customers at the center of organizational change. Explore consumers’ hidden needs, and learn step-by-step how to fuel a unique new strategy and create a culture that effectively differentiates your institution, builds trust, and grows your brand.

You’ll learn why customer-centricity isn’t as simple as asking customers what they want, and how to leverage data while aligning your CX strategy with customer expectations.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • How to dramatically create genuine engagement, yield growth, and improve wallet share with a customer-centric mindset
  • How consumers’ experiences in other verticals have radically redefined their expectations in banking, and how your CX strategy needs to shift immediately
  • How to optimize internal processes, leverage new technologies, and align your employee culture to engineer experiences built around customers’ expectations
  • The pitfalls and shortcomings involved with building growth strategies around CX “journeys”
  • New metrics, benchmarks KPIs for evaluating the impact of your customer experience strategy, and why “satisfaction scores” are wholly inadequate

The Future of Personalization in Banking: AI, Marketing Automation & Transaction Data

Jim Marous, Co-Publisher of The Financial BrandJim Marous, Co-Publisher of The Financial Brand

With rising expectations, a competitive market, and the phase-out of third-party cookies, financial institutions need to find more effective ways of engaging and retaining their customers. But, with legacy tech stacks and closed infrastructures, knowing how to optimize your data and marketing automation strategy to improve customer acquisition and retention can seem out of reach.

During this session, we’ll share how you can unlock one of the most underutilized data sets — transaction data. You’ll learn how open finance is making data more available and actionable than ever before and how to build a marketing strategy that’s personalized and targeted to your customer’s financial needs.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • How to deliver a more personalized experience that accelerates growth
  • How to unlock actionable marketing insights lurking in your customers’ transaction data
  • How to leverage transaction data and integrate it into your marketing automation and personalization strategy
  • Best practices, use cases and how to move the needle and activate your customer base
  • Case studies showing how affinity-based marketing can increase ROI

Supercharging Your 2023 Strategic Plan for Future Growth

The traditional approach to strategic planning often yields documents lacking the focus or flexibility necessary to achieve future growth. Community banks and credit unions need a process that is as much about strategic thinking as it is about strategic planning – a process that navigates conflicting priorities, builds consensus, promotes resilience, and presses bankers to step outside of their comfort zone.

This session will show banking executives examples and case studies illustrating where and how planning has become an ongoing process rather than an singular event. Learn how to refresh and recalibrate the strategic planning process in ways that reflect the realities of our increasingly digital world while placing a stronger focus on the consumer and the competition.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • How to build a strategic plan that is aspirational, action-oriented, and guarantees accountability
  • How to navigate conflicting priorities, build consensus, and incorporate diverse perspectives from multiple constituencies
  • How to engineer a dynamic strategy that promotes resilience with the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances
  • How to move beyond the tedious wordsmithing and an overemphasis on financial targets that yields predictable (and ineffective) strategic plans
  • How to align your culture with your strategy and achieve the organizational changes necessary to support successful implementation

Joe Sullivan, President & CEO of Market Insights

Joe Sullivan
President & CEO
Market Insights

Jim Perry, Senior Strategist at Market Insights

Jim Perry
Senior Strategist
Market Insights

Strategic Marketing & Fintechs: Eliminating Five Critical Blind Spots

Hunter Young, President at HiFi AgencyHunter Young, President at HiFi Agency

With the relationship between fintechs and traditional banking providers rapidly evolving — oscillating frequently between cooperation and competition — the lines between the two have blurred, and the strategic marketing implications are profound. Consumers have become disoriented, and don’t know where to turn for advice and guidance. Fintechs or banking providers, and in which channel? This confusion has undermined wider adoption and deeper engagement with digital banking solutions.

This session will cover five key areas that financial marketers need to urgently address to close these communication gaps, eliminate consumers’ confusion, and fix the CX breakdowns that have emerged. You’ll see how to engineer the right marketing strategy that keeps consumers engaged with your organization’s digital banking solutions.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • The ramifications of fintech+banking relationships, and their impact on marketing plans, budgets and communications strategies
  • How consumers’ experiences in other verticals have radically redefined their expectations in banking, and how your CX strategy needs to shift immediately
  • How automated platforms, APIs, and AI are depersonalizing customer journeys
  • How to turbocharge usage of digital banking tools and cross-channel activations
  • A new strategic marketing model — fast and agile marketing, with opportunities for critical experimentation.
  • How to respond to the changing digital expectations and behaviors by crafting a marketing communications strategy that resonates with today’s banking consumers and businesses

Gen CX: The Future of Customer Experience

Sue Woodard, Fintech Evangelist & CX Expert at the STRATMOR GroupSue Woodard, Fintech Evangelist & Senior Advisor to Total Expert

Today’s consumers have the power to fracture every aspect of their financial lives. They can parcel out individual slivers of their banking relationships across various providers based on the experience each delivers. That’s why everyone in banking is now laser-focused on elevating their customer experience.

This session will show you how to meet the expectations of today’s post-pandemic “Gen CX” consumers. You will learn clear ways to increase brand loyalty, improve satisfaction, and win the CX battle with every interaction.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • The three most important things Gen CX consumers are looking for in a financial partner, and the strategies and tactics you can use to respond to each of those needs
  • Why frictionless customer journeys are so important, and how to use data as the basis to build them
  • How to identify key “Moments that Matter” in the customer journey, and how to turn them into “Moments of Magic”
  • The right communications strategies for customers depending on where they are in their journey

Strategies to Build Banking Brands that Drive Growth

Gina Bleedorn, Chief Experience Officer at Adrenaline

Whether your growth plans focus on M&A, digital banking models, or branch network expansion, it’s never been more critical to have a powerful brand strategy that supports your objectives and maximizes the true value of your initiatives.

This session explores six critical considerations for growth-focused brands, and the decision-making framework financial marketers must deploy to craft a strategy that turns their brand into a catalyst for new- and adjacent market growth. Drawing on real-world case studies and best practices in the industry, you’ll learn how to create
brand differentiation that gives you a competitive advantage and drives growth.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • How to identify and amplify the strengths of your brand’s DNA, and evolve the core elements of your brand to support growth goals
  • How to create brand alignment and an employee culture that delivers the customer experience necessary to fuel growth
  • The importance of brand architecture in mergers and acquisitions, and how to minimize customer attrition with the right brand strategy
  • How to and foster advocacy and spark chemistry between your brand and your key constituencies — board directors, investors, employees and customers

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Digital Banking Showcases

If you have a suggestion for a project you think should be included as a case study in a showcase session, please send us an email.

The Best of Mobile CX & Fintech Apps

Digital Banking Showcase IconDigital Banking Showcase

Dave DeFazio, Partner at StrategyCorps

Fintech apps are taking the banking industry by storm over the minds of today’s consumers, and changing the definition of financial advice.

See live demonstrations of today’s most popular fintech apps and banking tools, including live demos of over a dozen top platforms — from SoFi and Robinhood, to Affirm and Cash App — to understand the new features that are radically amplifying competitive pressures in the financial services industry. We’ll share ongoing research explaining the trends, including which mobile features matter most to each generation, from Gen Z to Boomers. You’ll learn how fintech companies like Acorns are pioneering new recurring revenue generating models for financial products and services by leveraging subscription models like Amazon Prime or Netflix

This session will teach banking executives:

  • How leading fintech apps are using data in unique ways to create new categories of banking products
  • How new features from fintech apps are expanding the definition of financial advice
  • How the biggest banks are changing their products to respond to the evolving fintech threat
  • The newest subscription pricing strategies for financial service products

Critical Onboarding & Cross-Selling Strategies to Maximize Digital Banking Relationships

Digital Banking Showcase IconDigital Banking Showcase

Paula Tompkins, CEO of ChannelNetPaula Tompkins, CEO of ChannelNet

After a banking provider acquires a new customer, what happens in the days and weeks that follow has a massive impact on their long-term profitability. This high-impact showcase includes a collection of case studies showing you how the best financial marketers are using digital channels to improve the effectiveness of their onboarding and cross-selling initiatives.

You’ll see how financial institutions are leveraging digital communications and building a powerful onboarding strategy that deepens engagement, builds share of wallet, improves retention, increases loyalty and accelerates the profitability of new customers.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • Best-in-class examples showing the cadence and sequence of communications financial institutions use to welcome, onboard, and cross-sell new customers
  • Proven integrated marketing and cross-channel communication strategies, including in video, mobile, SMS/text, direct mail, and more
  • How to increase broader usage of new accounts and increase adoption of sticky services, including mobile banking, bill pay, direct deposit, mobile deposit, account alerts, and rewards programs
  • How successful cross-selling hinges on delivering the right offers at the right time with personalized offers and contextual marketing messages
  • How smart financial marketers move new customers from the ‘Engagement’ stage to the ‘Relationship’ stage and ultimately to the ‘Loyalty & Advocacy’ stage of the life cycle

If you have a suggestion for a case study that should be included in this showcase send us an email.

How Open Banking, APIs & Banking-as-a-Service Are Transforming the Financial World

Digital Banking Showcase IconOpen Banking Showcase

Ritesh Jain, Ph.D, Former COO, CTO, Global Head of Digital Technology at HSBC

Open banking has become a major driver of digital transformation across the financial sector, revolutionizing payments, lending, investments, and transactional ecosystems almost overnight.

In this unique digital banking showcase, you’ll see how open banking technologies are creating exciting new opportunities to reach new markets with new products. You’ll see how APIs are generating new revenue streams and rapidly expanding distribution models, with examples from financial institutions of all sizes.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • How traditional banking providers are deploying open banking tools to cross-sell new products and fuel growth
  • How APIs increase efficiencies and accelerate innovation while improving CX
  • The various ways open banking strategies can be executed, including Banking-as-a-Service, Banking-as-a-Platform, and embedded banking delivery models
  • How financial institutions are partnering with fintechs and keeping pace with bigtech disruptors by leveraging APIs to power unique products and solutions

If you have a suggestion for a case study that should be included in this showcase send us an email.

Beyond Disruption: The Future of Fintech

Digital Banking Showcase IconDigital Banking Showcase

Jeremy Quainoo, Global Fintech Expert at Jumo

Buckle up for a whirlwind tour looking at the future of fintech in this digital banking showcase, as you explore the emerging trends, new technologies, and radical innovations that have massive potential to disrupt the banking sector in the next 5-10 years.

See how the next generation of fintechs will pioneer a new wave of disruptive catalysts in the financial world, with revolutionary applications for blockchain, crypto, NFTs, Web 3.0, the metaverse… and what comes next.

This eye-opening session looks at the coming wave of disruptive catalysts in the financial world, as fintech expert Jeremy Quainoo paints a bold vision of the future and what’s possible, showing you new tools, platforms, and products with real potential to completely transform the banking industry as we know it.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • What lies beyond the disruptive forces currently rocking the banking world today, and what comes next
  • The opportunities, potential use-cases, and possible applications for innovative new technologies in the financial sector
  • How emerging technology trends will change consumer behavior, habits, and expectations, and the potential impact of these changes on today’s banking providers
  • How today’s banking executives need to prepare for the future, and proactively innovate to stay ahead of the curve

If you have a suggestion for a case study that should be included in this showcase send us an email.

Best Practices to Maximize ROI in Digital Marketing Channels

Digital Banking Showcase IconDigital Marketing Showcase

Financial marketers now allocate over 70% of their budgets to digital marketing channels. But how much of this money is wasted?

This session will show you all the latest tools and advanced techniques that every banking provider needs in their marketing arsenal. Learn the critical growth strategies today’s most sophisticated marketers are using to turbocharge their results in digital channels — from Google search to social media advertising.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • Wildly effective marketing strategies that will radically amplify your ROI in digital channels
  • Best practices to generate more clicks for less and maximize conversions
  • How to avoid the biggest — and most common — digital marketing mistakes banks are making today
  • How to outsmart competitors who outspend you in digital marketing channels
  • How to use data to see around corners the other guys miss, and capitalize on critical opportunities they overlook

If you have a suggestion for a case study that should be included in this showcase send us an email.

Wil Reynolds, CEO/Founder of Seer Interactive

Wil Reynolds
Seer Interactive

Cori Graft, Associate Director of SEO at Seer Interactive

Cori Graft
Associate Director of SEO
Seer Interactive

Social Media Showcase: New Tools & Technologies to Turbocharge Social Channels

Digital Banking Showcase IconSocial Media Showcase

Meredith Olmstead, CEO at FI GROW Solutions

Frustrated by the myriad of options out there for managing and reporting your organization’s social media efforts? This session will review tools, technologies, and third-party solutions in four main categories: content creation, scheduling and automation, content promotion, and tracking/measurement. You’ll see what new platforms you need to craft and execute successful social media campaigns with this objective overview of all the solutions your team needs to include in its arsenal.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • How to evaluate, assess and select the third-party social media tools, platforms, and build the essential social media toolkit
  • The best tools to streamline the creation of powerful and engaging social media content
  • The top automation platforms for efficiently scheduling content and managing social media campaigns
  • Critical tools for promoting social media content and amplifying social media messages
  • Martech tools to track and measure your ROI, and how to quantify the impact of your social media content

If you have a suggestion for a case study that should be included in this showcase send us an email.

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Peer-to-Peer Panels

Strategies to Accelerate Innovation in Banking

Peer-to-Peer Panel IconPeer-to-Peer Panel Session

In this panel discussion, hear from innovation experts as they explain how they overcome the challenges that often thwart innovation at financial institutions — from compliance and regulatory issues, to internal objections and outmoded legacy cores. You’ll learn how to accelerate innovation and create an ongoing pipeline of fresh ideas that increase your competitive differentiation.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • Creating a culture of innovation and building cross-functional teams that foster collaboration between departments
  • How to generate buy-in and support for new ideas among various stakeholders — from the board and C-suite to frontline employees
  • Finding the right opportunities to partner with fintechs, and the critical role open banking plays in an innovation strategy
  • The “fail fast” agile philosophy that values extensive testing and incremental development
  • The role of Chief Innovation Officers, and whether your organization needs an ‘Innovation Lab’ or not
  • When, where and how to include back office staff and frontline employees in your innovation initiatives


Jim Marous, Co-Publisher of The Financial BrandJim Marous
The Financial Brand


Sathish Muthukrishnan, Chief Information, Data & Digital Officer at AllySathish Muthukrishnan
Chief Information, Data & Digital Officer

Andrea Brimmer, CMO at Ally BankAndrea Brimmer

Dominic Venturo, SVP/Chief Digital Officer at U.S. BankDominic Venturo
SEVP/Chief Digital Officer
U.S. Bank

Liz Wolverton, EVP/Head of Consumer Banking & Brand Experience at SynovusLiz Wolverton
EVP/Head of Consumer Banking & Brand Experience

April Clobes, CEO of MSUFCUApril Clobes

The Future of Retail Delivery in Banking: Balancing Branches and Digital Channels

Peer-to-Peer Panel IconPeer-to-Peer Panel Session

In this passionate panel discussion, banking executives and experts will share the lessons they’ve learned addressing the major retail delivery challenges facing the industry today.

What does the optimal “omnichannel retail strategy” look like in the Digital Age, and how do you strike the right balance between channels? What are the KPIs? How can you humanize digital touchpoints and build personal relationships with digital customers? How should the branch experience evolve, and how many branch locations will you need in the future… if any?

This session will teach banking executives:

  • How channels must work together in a single, cohesive process that meets consumers’ needs
  • How call centers must bridge the service gaps between branches and digital channels
  • How digital technologies like chatbots, interactive tellers, CRMs, and video interactions fit within your retail delivery model
  • How to pick the right staffing model for your branch network, and whether Universal Bankers should be part of the mix


Gina Bleedorn, Chief Experience Officer at AdrenalineGina Bleedorn
Chief Experience Officer


Carla Trombly, Branch & ATM Channel Optimization at Synovus BankCarla Trombly
Branch & ATM Channel Optimization
Synovus Bank

Chris Gill, Market Planning & Insights at U.S. BankChris Gill
Market Planning & Insights
U.S. Bank

Kristin Korzekwa, Managing Director, Financial Services Industry at DeloitteKristin Korzekwa
Managing Director, Financial Services Industry

Brian Scott, Chief Growth Officer at PSCUBrian Scott
Chief Growth Officer

The Future of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics in Banking

Peer-to-Peer Panel IconPeer-to-Peer Panel Session

Artificial intelligence has already had a profound impact in banking — from reducing risks in fraud detection and credit underwriting, to conversational AI, digital chatbots, and AI-powered voice assistants. With the potential to transform almost every aspect of financial services, the opportunities for AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics are virtually limitless. So what’s next? What does the future hold for AI in banking?

Join an expert panel of the financial industry’s leading authorities as they explore what’s on the forefront of AI technologies, including the latest developments in predictive modeling, unstructured data, and advanced algorithmic data applications.

What banking executives will learn:

  • New opportunities for AI-powered technologies to automate processes, achieve greater operational efficiencies, and yield cost reductions while personalizing and enhancing banking experiences
  • The strategic considerations, challenges and pitfalls banking executives will face as they build their AI blue print for 2023 and beyond
  • How to build, manage, and maintain the “clean data” foundation necessary to power next-gen AI tools and solutions
  • How machine learning algorithms model consumer behaviors to predict customers’ needs, deepen relationships and identify attrition risks and causes
  • How AI can improve consumers’ financial health and habits with predictive insights and interventions
  • Overcoming issues related to legacy IT systems and how to integrate modern AI tools that enable new digital solutions
  • How to find the talent you need to build your internal AI team, and when to partner with fintechs


Jeff Otto, VP of Marketing at MarqetaJeff Otto
VP of Marketing

Bill Dworsky, Manager, Financial Services Industry at DeloitteBill Dworsky
Manager, Financial Services Industry

Emily Abbas, SVP/Chief Consumer Banking & Marketing Officer at Bankers TrustEmily Abbas
SVP/Chief Consumer Banking & Marketing Officer
Bankers Trust

Mark Leher, Director of Data Analytics at SegmintMark Leher
Director of Data Analytics

Inside Open Banking Strategies: Critical Insights & Best Practices for Success

Peer-to-Peer Panel IconPeer-to-Peer Panel Session

Hear directly from your peers in the financial industry, as they show you what they’ve learned while successfully deploying APIs and leveraging open banking models to acquire, engage, and expand banking relationships. You’ll learn how they tackled the various development and implementation challenges they’ve faced integrating open banking solutions into their CX strategies.

This is a rare opportunity to hear firsthand from those who have deployed APIs to create new revenue streams by meeting the rising banking expectations of today’s consumers and businesses.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • How to identify the right open banking opportunities and select the best fintech partners
  • How to build an open banking strategy that leverages APIs to expand product offerings
  • How fintechs and banking providers can work together in open banking partnerships that streamline and fully maximize the implementation of APIs
  • How fintechs and banking providers can work together in open banking partnerships that streamline and fully maximize the implementation of APIs
  • How to overcome consumers’ concerns about open banking and data-sharing with third-party partners — the security risks, transparency issues, and privacy considerations


Ron Shevlin, Chief Research Officer at Cornerstone AdvisorsRon Shevlin
Chief Research Officer
Cornerstone Advisors


Matthew Smith, Executive Managing Director, Head of Digital Banking & BaaS at Webster BankMatthew Smith
Executive Managing Director, Head of Digital Banking & BaaS
Webster Bank

Christy Sunquist, U.S. Financial Institution Partnerships Lead with PlaidChristy Sunquist
U.S. Financial Institution Partnerships Lead

Jamie Donahue, Chief Technology Officer at BM TechnologiesJamie Donahue
Chief Technology Officer
BM Technologies

Jamie Donahue, Chief Technology Officer at BM TechnologiesAly Yarris
Financial Access at Plaid

Digital Transformation Strategy: Engineering the Workforce of the Future

Peer-to-Peer Panel IconPeer-to-Peer Panel Session

In the new post-pandemic reality, concepts like “going to work” and “9 to 5” no longer apply. How should banks recruit, train, manage, and retain teams in a world now completely dominated by digital channels? What new skillsets are needed, and how do banks compete for this talent? What is the right work environment for a digital workforce, and how should banks transform their organizational structure?

This panel discussion will address these critical questions, exploring the new internal processes, tools, and technologies banking providers need to remain relevant and competitive in the Digital Age.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • How to leverage new technologies that augment human capabilities
  • How banks are completely rethinking their headquarters, branches, and offices to engineer workspaces that support their digital transformation strategies
  • How to overcome the challenges presented by new work-from-home and hybrid WFH models
  • How to build your internal culture and preserve a sense of team while fostering efficient collaboration and innovation among teams working remotely
  • Best practices and strategies to ensure staff have the right internal- and external digital skills


Melissa Swift, US Transformation Leader at MercerMelissa Swift
U.S. Transformation Leader


Abhi Chaudhary, Chief Product Officer at Green DotAbhi Chaudhary
Chief Product Officer
Green Dot

Brian Knollenberg, SVP/Marketing at BECUBrian Knollenberg

John Findlay, CEO of LemonadeLXPJohn Findlay

Jill Nowacki, CEO/President of HumanideiJill Nowacki

Becky Smith, EVP/Chief Strategy & Growth Officer at SECUBecky Smith
EVP/Chief Strategy & Growth Officer

Social Media in Banking: Best Practices & Strategies for Success

Peer-to-Peer Panel IconPeer-to-Peer Panel Session

What role should social media play in a financial institution’s marketing and communications strategy? Should Facebook only be used as platform for engagement, service and support, or can it be leveraged to support marketing objectives? Can business banking teams effectively use LinkedIn as a scalable lever for growth? Where does Twitter fit into the mix? Do financial institutions really need to be active on every platform? And how can financial marketers use social channels to create demand for loans and deposit products?

This session will teach banking executives:

  • How do you establish your advertising budget for social media platforms, and what types of campaigns are most effective?
  • What are the best ways to engage your social media community, and how can social channels be used for service and support?
  • How do establish social media benchmarks, what are the important KPIs that should be in your dashboard, and how do you demonstrate the impact/results of social media across the organization?
  • What role should other channels like Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest play in your social media strategy?


Nicky Senyard, CEO of Fintel ConnectNicky Senyard
Fintel Connect


Liz McIntyre, Director of Social Media at Renasant BankLiz McIntyre
Director of Social Media
Renasant Bank

Natalie Bartholomew, Community President at First Community BankNatalie Bartholomew
Community President
First Community Bank

Courtney Oldendorf, Social Media Specialist at ORNL Federal Credit UnionCourtney Oldendorf
Social Media Specialist
ORNL Federal Credit Union

Kerry-Ann Stimpson, CMO, JMMB GroupKerry-Ann Stimpson
JMMB Group

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Live Demo Sessions

Answers: The Artificial Intelligence Platform Powering Superior CX

Build amazing AI search experiences based on natural language understanding and using a multi-algorithm approach. From backend configuration to frontend customization, Answers from Yext provides the tools you need to answer your users questions on your website, in your app or anywhere else people are searching.

In this live demo, banking executives will see:

  • How to drive deeper relationships through improved, customized customer experiences

Shane Closser, Head of Industry/GM for Financial Services at YextShane Closser
GM for Financial Services

DocFox: Streamlined and Automated Complex Commercial Account Opening

DocFox demo attendees can expect to learn how to automate and streamline business account opening processes to reduce manual work, increase accuracy, and positively impact client experience and retention metrics.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • What’s necessary to remain relevant and win the digital race in business banking, especially when considering the challenges around complex and high-risk accounts
  • How to use automation and digitization to improve and scale the business banking experience for both customers and internal teams
  • To leave the one-size-fits-all approach in favor of strategically building a digitization program that meets the business account opening needs of their bank, CU, crypto company, or alternative FI
  • Common pitfalls to avoid in digitizing your business account opening process

Dean Benjamin, Sales Executive at DocFoxDean Benjamin
Sales Executive

Deliver the Perfect Journey for Every Financial Milestone & In Any Market Condition

Easily combine data and intelligent automation to improve every phase of the financial journey with Total Expert, the first purpose-built engagement platform for modern banks and credit unions.

The financial circumstances of your customers and members are evolving rapidly. Is your communications and engagement strategy nimble enough to meet their new needs? The financial institutions who pivot quickly to market changes and provide the right message at the right time are poised to become the trusted financial partner for life.

During this demo, you’ll see how the combination of intelligent automation and purpose-built journeys allows you to respond to market conditions and deliver value in a way that traditional methods never have.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • The blueprint to grow customer and member relationships
  • How to nimbly respond to the evolving needs of consumers
  • How intelligent automation drives improved onboarding and growth via cross-sell and retention initiatives

Joe Welu, Founder and CEO of Total Expert

Joe Welu
Founder and CEO
Total Expert

James White, Industry Principal, Banks & Credit Unions, Total Expert

James White
Industry Principal, Banks & Credit Unions, Total Expert

Bill Center: Transforming Bill Pay into the Ultimate Financial Management Tool

Bill Center℠ powered by the Paymentus Instant Payment Network® (IPN), is a personal finance and money management tool that enables consumers to consolidate, access, and more easily view, manage and pay all of their financial obligations from a single application. In this demo, attendees will get an exclusive look at how Bill Center℠ simplifies bill pay management through an intuitive, centralized experience that provides consumers with full bill details, connectivity to 15,000+ billers across the U.S., and expanded payment options including real-time payments, digital wallets, and the PayPal app.

Marcell King, Chief Innovation Officer at Payveris

Marcell King
Chief Innovation Officer

Chirag Patel, Product Manager Banking & Fintech Solutions

Chirag Patel
Product Manager Banking & Fintech Solutions

Knowledge Management Suite from eGain

Learn how this AI-powered knowledge management solution helps financial institutions improve CX and increase sales with a personalized, scalable, and compliant tool providing advice and guidance to customers across all touchpoints.

In this live demo, banking executives will see:

  • eGain Knowledge Hub™ — Enabling customers to find answers via self-service and escalate with full context to agent-assisted service, while also providing in-band conversational and process guidance to customer service agents.
  • eGain Sales Advisor™ — An end-to-end solution for sales across self-service and human-assisted touchpoints, enabling customer needs’ assessments and financial check-ups.
  • eGain Virtual Financial Coach™ — An automated service providing highly personalized guidance on strengthening credit, paying down debt, and increasing savings, infused with users’ TransUnion credit data and financial advice from GreenPath Financial Wellness.

Evan Siegel, VP/Financial Services AI Solutions at eGainEvan Siegel
VP/Financial Services AI Solutions

Deluxe Data Discovery: Trigger Marketing

Learn how to harness the power of data to create personalized experiences for customers and prospects with Deluxe Data Discovery. Marketing triggers built around both credit- and life events enable banks to create personalized and timely communications — getting the right message to the right person at the right time.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • How Deluxe’s new data platform, Deluxe Data Discovery, enables financial marketers to tap into the world’s deepest trigger database to position their solutions to both consumers and businesses with high purchase propensity.
  • Deluxe can help your bank reach over 1 million businesses and 2.4 million consumers that are experiencing important milestones every month.

Kris Lazzaretti, Head of Deluxe Data-Driven MarketingKris Lazzaretti
Head of Deluxe Data-Driven Marketing

Vivalociti Real-Time Personalization Tool from La Macchia Group

In this demo, get a sneak peek at the Vivalociti platform for connecting in-branch data analytics to marketing and content deployments. This solution showcases how banks and credit unions can leverage real-time personalization based on integrated data collection techniques.

In this live demo, banking executives will see:

  • How to drive deeper relationships through improved, customized customer experiences

Tom Kennedy, President of LaMacchia GroupTom Kennedy
LaMacchia Group

Rita: The KAI-Powered Intelligent Digital Assistant

A digital assistant can help you to manage your contact center volume and grow your business. But did you know it can also be the best ambassador for your brand?

Join BankSouth and Kasisto for an interactive demo to explore how a digital assistant is able to become a financial institution’s best digital employee. BankSouth will share and show their story of Rita, a smart and sassy powered digital assistant powered by Kasisto Artificial Intelligence who has reshaped their customer experiences, across both digital and physical channels. Hear more about how Rita was able to go live so quickly and about the incredible benefits she is delivering for BankSouth.

In this live demo, banking executives will see:

  • How to go-live with a digital assistant in less than 6 weeks
  • How the right team and right branding can achieve high out-the-gate customer activation and engagement
  • How to achieve 96% customer enquiry containment rates (or higher)
  • How to double your average customer’s digital engagement rate

Lindsay Soergel, Chief Experience & Product Officer at KasistoLindsay Soergel
Chief Experience & Product Officer

Leveraging AI and Big Data with the Platform

The platform unlocks insights that create ‘Segment of One’ experiences, allowing financial institutions to create digital experiences that are unique to each individual’s needs. You will see the power of multi-faceted insights and actionable information, such as Millennials in San Diego are much more likely to research car loans on Monday or Tuesday mornings than the rest of the week, and people who search for the phrase “mortgage” are 31% more likely to complete an app than people that search for “home loan.” These insights are provided in real time, and no special training is required.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • How to create a sense that your financial institution knows who customers are — even in digital channels — and what they need
  • How to trigger unique marketing content powerfully relevant to each customer’s current financial decision
  • How a single word can affect the marketing content you present, and how it shapes the response of the consumer

Craig McLaughlin, CEO of

Craig McLaughlin

Mark Ryan, CDO at

Mark Ryan

Core iQ: Affordable, All-in-One Marketing and Communication Platform

Banks and credit unions have more data than any other industry on both their potential- and current account holders, but they don’t always have the resources to leverage their data and execute strategic multi-channel marketing campaigns. Onovative’s all-in-one marketing platform, Core iQ, empowers financial marketers to stimulate growth by giving them data access to automate and personalize communications for onboarding, cross-selling, retention and acquisition efforts. This session will show you how Core iQ acts as an extension of your marketing department to save your team time and resources, and enable you to drive results.

This live demo will show banking executives how to:

  • Access data easily from your core for reporting, strategizing, and planning
  • Automate and personalize your onboarding process
  • Prioritize the next best product to automatically send targeted cross-sell offers
  • Execute multi-channel communications seamlessly
  • Track true conversions and measure ROI

Jon Matar, VP/Business Development at OnovativeJon Matar
VP/Business Development

Marketing Automation Platform from Prisma Campaigns

Prisma Campaigns is a marketing automation platform specifically designed to help financial institutions develop deep and empathic relationships with their customers through personalized marketing campaigns. The solution leverages existing customer data to deliver personalized messages through all digital channels — web, mobile/online banking, email and SMS — in a coordinated and timely way. Prisma Campaigns’ open architecture platform integrates with finanial institutions’ existing tech-stack, and is built to adapt to change and growth.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • How to improve cross-selling with targeted campaigns that automatically pull data from your core
  • How to improve operational efficiency and customer experience with one single platform to deploy and manage campaigns across multiple channels
  • How to increase campaign engagement and conversions with deep personalization of copy and artwork

Felipe Gil, CEO of Prisma CampaignsFelipe Gil
Prisma Campaigns

Methodify: Self-Serve Research

To succeed and stand out in today’s crowded financial marketplace, new and innovative consumer insights are needed now more than ever. BMO Financial Group, one of North America’s leading financial institutions, thoughtfully invests in research technology to achieve this success. Join Maja Neable, Chief Marketing Officer for BMO, and Raj Manocha, EVP – Methodify at Schlesinger Group, for a lively demonstration of how Methodify, BMO’s research technology of choice, delivers key insights to marketers. They will also share how this technology can better support strategy execution, make your organization more client-centric, and help you find the answers you need whenever you need them.

Raj Manocha, EVP of Methodify at Schlesinger Group

Raj Manocha
EVP of Methodify
Schlesinger Group

Maja Neable, SVP/CMO, Banking & Chief Data & Analytics Officer at BMO Financial Group

Maja Neable
BMO Financial Group

CUcontent: One-Click™ Social Media

What’s the secret sauce behind social media success? For today’s consumers, excellent content, no matter how engaging, is no longer enough. Your members and customers don’t really want to
listen–they want to be heard. You will achieve the ultimate social media success when you drop the monologue….and create a dialog. Learn about the seven types of content, what inspires people to respond, and how to start a conversation on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok.

Laura Enock, Publisher at CUcontentLaura Enock

CuneXus Digital Storefront from CUNA Mutual

CuneXus reinvents the way financial institutions approach consumer lending by delivering tailored financial products and services with one-click convenience through a digital storefront. In this demo, you’ll see how this fully-integrated lending platform provides financial institutions greater transparency into their account holders’ needs and eliminates challenges in the lending process.

Barry Kirby, SVP/Managing Director at CuneXusBarry Kirby
SVP/Managing Director

SavvyMoney Integrated Credit Score Solution

See how SavvyMoney’s innovative credit score solution provides real-time credit scores and credit report data to consumers, empowering banks and credit unions with the portfolio insights and digital marketing tools to deliver highly-targeted offers that result in profitable growth and happier, more financially healthy customers.

This innovative consumer credit score solution integrates seamlessly with today’s core banking systems, enabling financial marketers to identify and pursue new opportunities to drive loan growth and customer retention.

This session will teach banking executives how to:

  • Empower your digital users with real-time access to their credit scores so they can understand and take control of their credit
  • Drive profitable loan growth for your financial institution while saving your customers money
  • Utilize a robust integrated credit score solutions to deliver more meaningful digital interactions to your customers
  • Turn portfolio data and consumer share-of-wallet insights into smart lending opportunities that grow and deepen customer relationships
  • Build trust through personalization and financial education by delivering the right message, to the right person, at precisely the right time

JB Orecchia, President & CEO at SavvyMoneyJB Orecchia
President & CEO

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