Live Demos

See some of the most innovative fintech experts and leading providers of banking solutions showcase cutting-edge technologies and exciting new tools — live and in action.

Amplero: AI-Powered Personalization

Company: Curinos

Many personalization solutions talk about AI automating backend processes to speed up execution but ignore the load it places on frontend set up. Most platforms take a long time and a lot of resources to set up — targeting rules, coding, and configuring. Finally, Personalization 2.0 here.

In this demo, see how Amplero can drive a 2X lift in marketing performance by taking the complexity out of AI-powered campaigns — no upfront coding burden or cross-functional support requirements. With Amplero, you’ll see how AI puts marketers in control and gives them independence to develop, launch, monitor and adjust campaigns on the fly.

Key areas covered in this demo:

  • Turning Amplero’s AI into a heat-seeking missile focused on your business objectives and KPIs
  • How to easily set up onboarding processes that automate experimentation and optimization to create the right journey for each customer
  • Fuel for new creative ideas to test based on insights into what is working (and not)
  • How Amplero gives marketers a range of campaign performance metrics that illustrate true impact on the business

Sphere: Generative AI Solutions


As a pioneering AI-powered multimodal assistant, Sphere represents the forefront of generative AI technology, tailored specifically for the financial sector. This innovative platform is not just another chatbot; it’s a comprehensive universal channel designed to revolutionize customer and employee interactions in banking.

This session will explore how Sphere leverages AI to provide intelligent guidance and advanced plug-in features, offering a level of personalization in banking previously unattainable. You’ll see the transformative potential of Sphere, demonstrating how it can streamline banking processes, enhance customer engagement, and potentially render traditional online and mobile banking systems obsolete.

Key areas covered in this demo:

  • How to harness the transformative power of generative AI to redefine customer and employee interactions
  • How Sphere can creates seamless, efficient, and highly personalized banking experiences
  • The integration of advanced AI technology in banking processes to enhance CX, streamline operations, and revolutionize your banking systems

Creatio No-Code CRM

Company: Creatio

To engage customers and drive a customer experience that’s truly better, the right information needs to be readily available across your entire organization. But legacy technology frequently makes this difficult, if not impossible.

Creatio’s no-Code technology allows for rapid changes in your employee-facing systems to drive better engagement at every level. Creatio’s CRM solution easily integrates to backend systems, consolidating information from multiple systems to give financial institutions a true 360-degree view of the customer.

Key areas covered in this demo:

  • How to drive better customer engagement with improved visibility to core system data
  • How to automate and manage complex processes seamlessly using no-code tools
  • How to reduce costs, decrease implementation time and reliance on third parties associated with tech initiatives
  • How to unfreeze projects stuck in growing IT backlogs
  • How to increase deposits and cross/upsell potential through effective use of CRM tools

Digital Onboarding Engagement Platform

Company: Digital Onboarding

The Digital Onboarding engagement platform helps banks and credit unions turn account openers into deep and profitable relationships. It makes adopting digital services, opening more products, and upgrading to a new digital banking system easy.

Key areas covered in this demo:

  • Hidden attrition & the silent engagement problem
  • Why digital account openers don’t engage
  • What younger consumers expect from their banks & CU experiences
  • Why your marketing platform’s data model holds you back from deepening relationships
  • Practical strategies & proven tools for driving better engagement

Total Expert Customer Engagement Platform

Company: Total Expert

Total Expert brings together a system of intelligence with a system of action. Our award-winning customer engagement platform can ingest your data from multiple sources, including Core, LOS, POS, and warehouse data to provide a single view of every contact record in your database.

In this demo, you can find out more about how the Total Expert platform is purpose-built for financial services and brings together data and marketing automation to create personalized and relevant customer engagement and deliver the perfect customer journey to build customers for life.

Key areas covered in this demo:

  • How to engage depositors for retention and growth through a balance of high-tech and high-touch
  • Segment account holders for different messaging and education – Reaching your account holders at the right time with the right message
  • Identifying key moments – understanding account holders’ future intent around their next product and service

KlariVis Visionary Data Intelligence Solution

Company: KlariVis

Outdated traditional reporting systems are plagued by fragmented data, siloed information, and disconnected data sources, making it difficult adapting to the dynamics of today’s banking environment. You need comprehensive, real-time data intelligence

Enter KlariVis. Crafted by former bankers, this comprehensive interactive dashboard and analytics platform is not just another reporting tool. This visionary real-time data intelligence solution empowers over 100 financial institutions with easy self-serve access to actionable information for better decision-making across all departments.

Key areas covered in this demo:

  • Provide actionable data in real time precisely when needed, empowering every department in your bank or credit union
  • Reveal trends, insights and profitability patterns at various levels, including product, customer, branch, officer, and markets
  • Identify market growth opportunities to increase share of wallet and prioritize cross-sell campaigns effectively
  • Enhance CX with actionable intel that fuels meaningful conversations and improves customer retention

Award-Winning Impact-as-a-Service™ Platform

Company: Spiral

In this demo, Spiral’s CEO and Co-founder, Shawn Melamed reveals how financial institutions can now easily launch new features in their banking environment to grow deposits and revenue and attract Millennial and Gen Z account holders through community and environmental impact.

This is a must-attend event for banks and credit unions aiming to be at the forefront of the industry’s future, eager to unlock the transformative power of impact-driven banking that is redefining everyday banking experiences.

Key areas covered in this demo:

  • How integrating community impact into online banking can boost their institution’s growth and revenue
  • Proven tactics to boost deposits and digital engagement through community impact
  • Key strategies for attracting and retaining Millennial and Gen Z account holders in 2024
  • How to enhance their brands and drive affinity and loyalty by embedding community impact into their various product offerings
  • How to drive community impact through everyday purchases, digital donations, monthly charitable giving subscriptions, and tax-deductible donor-advised funds

Drive Retail Deposits On The Nationwide CD Marketplace

Company: CD Valet

Retail CDs are a $2.1 trillion market — larger than the size of the auto loan industry. However, only eight financial institutions have 30%+ of the market, even though they don’t have the best rates). And pay-to-play rate sites often exclude local financial institutions paying higher rates.

It’s time to get your CD rates noticed. In this demo, learn how to begin driving new retail deposits on a nationwide CD marketplace that connects CD shoppers with financial institutions as they compare and open CDs.

Key areas covered in this demo:

  • How to adopt a pre-built CD origination solution that drastically reduces friction in the digital account opening process, integrating into most core banking platforms
  • How to market your CD offerings to over 1 million consumers that aren’t seeing you in the digital world today
  • Lead generation solutions that enable you to easily raise retail deposits and acquire new customers
  • An exclusive look at how to leverage a market intelligence tool that helps you design and price CD offerings, and easily track CD market movements

Kasasa: Proven Products, Predictable Adoption & Real Growth

Company: Kasasa

Driving liquidity from consumer relationships, growing loans, and non-interest income are challenges everyone in the industry is facing. In this demo, you’ll see an entirely new end-to-end approach to engaging consumers while driving strategically significant core deposits at a fraction of the cost — all while growing non-interest income and more profitable loans.

Learn how to create real growth in today’s hyper competitive environment with Kasasa, an integrated suite of products. See how a proven, predictable data-driven approach delivers results by optimizing your frontline, SMS, email, and digital banking channels.

Key areas covered in this demo:

  • Create PFI relationships and drive new core deposit growth
  • Attract highly engaged borrowers while driving checking adoption
  • Boost portfolio performance and profitability

KAI Consumer Banking & KAI Answers

Company: Kasisto

KAI Consumer Banking is an intelligent digital assistant — a financial institution’s best-branded banker in digital channels. This demo will highlight the ways conversational AI can be seamlessly integrated to a bank’s live chat solutions and equipping bankers with more complete customer information.

You will also see how KAI Answers works in partnership with the KAI digital assistant to create a powerful AI + Human team. Using KAI Answers, frontline team members can instantaneously search and sort through a mountain of information to find the best, most thorough answers — summarized with sources cited.

Key areas covered in this demo:

  • How AI is blurring traditional distinctions between physical and digital channels, to the benefit of consumers and bankers
  • How AI is redefining the concept of “assisted service” by connecting employee-provided care with traditionally self-service channels (web and mobile) to deliver a unified, consistent experience
  • The very specific top line and bottom line ROI value that bankers can expect by providing AI-powered assistance at every consumer touch point

LemonadeLXP Digital Growth Platform

Company: LemonadeLXP

To grow your digital banking business you need a digitally fluent frontline staff and effective digital customer support tools. The problem is, traditional learning systems and support tools aren’t tooled to teach tech, much less support digital customers. LemonadeLXP is purpose built to help financial institutions and fintechs drive digital adoption, fluency, and growth.

Learn how LemonadeLXP, a digital growth platform, has helped financial institutions and fintechs alike quickly create effective training and support tools to grow their digital banking business.

Key areas covered in this demo:

  • Transforming frontline staff into digital experts
  • Driving digital adoption and elevating the digital customer experience
  • Maximizing the ROI on your technology investments

Create Dynamic Experiences that are Uniquely Yours

Company: Q2

How can financial institutions create loyalty, grow deposits, and stay competitive?
On average, consumers log in to digital banking 20+ times per month. Valuable Gen Z and millennials are even more dependent on digital channels. Learn how to transform those digital interactions into loyalty-building personal experiences with Q2 Engage, a suite of consumer banking solutions designed to acquire and grow lifetime relationships.

Key areas covered in this demo:

  • Engage from Day One with smarter account opening and onboarding
  • Target audiences using relevant characteristics and behaviors
  • Design dashboards tailored to specific audiences with no code
  • Differentiate with a pre-integrated fintech partner ecosystem

Xperience Headless CMS by Kentico

Company: SilverTech

This demo will showcase a hybrid-headless digital experience platform that gives you the flexibility to use a web-centric head-on CMS and a headless CMS in the same product. You’ll hear the story of a regional commercial bank’s marketing team and how they use the Xperience platform, showing you how they easily deliver consistent messaging and branding to their customers across multiple digital channels, gain customer insights through their audience’s enagement, and use those insights to deliver personalized experiences that convert.

Key areas covered in this demo:

  • How the hybrid-headless and channel-focused Xperience product simplifies the management of multiple digital channels, letting marketing teams focus on customer experiences
  • How simple it can be to author content once and deliver it to any digital channel with a single click
  • How to intuitively craft no-code/low-code experiences for web, email, and headless properties
  • Use customer engagement to personalize experiences in a matter of minutes, not hours

Effectiv Real-Time Fraud Risk Management Platform

Company: Effectiv

Experience Effectiv’s cutting-edge fraud prevention risk management platform powered by AI. Explore how machine learning and advanced fraud tools allow financial institutions to validate identities in seconds, authenticate users, and analyze behavior to catch sophisticated fraud in real-time – all while removing friction and improving the user experience.

Key areas covered in this demo:

  • How a prevention platform with innovative tech and AI is designed to adapt to new fraud trends and reduce the cost of managing fraud⁠⁠
  • How to verify identities and detect transaction fraud in real-time without compromising the customer experience
  • Best practices for reducing friction while maintaining compliance and real-time fraud prevention
  • How aggregations play a crucial role by enabling a comprehensive and customized scoring system based on customer rules, leading to faster and more accurate, automated decisions
  • Why architecting scalable, AI-powered account opening flows future-proof processes, bolster overall account growth and streamline the underwriting process, balancing fraud prevention with seamless customer experiences to drive conversion

Chimney Home: The Property Data Revolution

Company: Chimney

What if any homeowner could track their home value, see available equity, and get personalized offers right on your website, via email, and within your banking app? What if your financial institution could use property tracking to provide a more personalized experience and ensure you never miss an opportunity to deliver the right offers?

This demo will walk you through Chimney’s award-winning solutions — twice Best of Show at Finovate. Chimney’s My Home Tracker uses a combination of modern property data and automated technology to deliver personalized information, insights, and offers that homeowners need in one place.

Key areas covered in this demo:

  • How to engage account holders online and make your digital banking channels a must-have experience for homeowners
  • A proven system — on autopilot — that generates more applications and qualified leads from homeowners
  • How to automate property data to reduce costs with loan officers, branch staff, and call centers

Quantum Metric | Felix AI

Company: Quantum Metric

Join Quantum Metric’s demo session to learn how your team can spend less time chasing friction and more time improving the journey. In the session, you’ll get the first look at our recent enhancements that will help you optimize the digital customer experience across the entire digital lifecycle, from first impressions with your brand to becoming a loyal customer. Plus, we’ll supply a first-look into how Quantum Metric is harnessing the power of generative AI, through Google Gemni cloud to dramatically enhance your ability to identify actionable insights from your customer’s experience.

After the demo, a current Quantum Metric customer will share how they use the platform to make high-yield digital experiences their biggest asset.

Key areas covered in this demo:

  • How to reimagine the way you optimize pages with heatmaps.
  • How to unlock deep user-level analysis.
  • How to reduce your time to insight with generativeAI.
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