13 Ways to Improve Your Acquisition Campaigns

Premiered: 2021-09-20
Length: 44 minutes

How do you get consumers in today’s multi-device, multi-channel, information-soaked world to do what you want? In this revealing how-to session, you’ll learn the latest marketing techniques and discover the secrets of consumer psychology that trigger action and drive results.

Nancy Harhut uncovers surprising new ways — fueled by the latest findings in brain science — to make acquisition messaging more effective in the financial industry. See numerous examples from a variety of verticals including financial services, and leave with actionable takeaways you can easily incorporate in your marketing strategy right away.

Banking executives will learn:

  • How to turbocharge any acquisition strategy with the tricks of “decision science”
  • New copywriting and design secrets that resuscitate fatigued email and weary direct marketing campaigns
  • What to say first when someone “isn’t in the market”, and the magic words that can get even the most stubborn prospects to break down and say “yes”