Branch Strategies for the Digital Age

Premiered: 2021-08-19
Length: 45 minutes

In our increasingly digital world, retail branch locations remain relevant because they provide physically tangible payoffs for the psychological needs people have when establishing banking relationships. Branches offer physical reassurance that a financial institution can deliver the sense of trust, security and convenience consumers crave.

However, retail locations will continue to evolve. While much attention is heaped on tech and the digitization of branches, it is staff who are the relevant differentiators on the front lines. Learn how Citibank is brings retail branch teams up to date by equipping them with the new skills required to keep up with the shifting needs of today’s consumers.

Banking executives will learn:

  • How branch staff can capitalize on the unique competitive advantages retail locations afford
  • Best practices for refreshing and developing branch talent to improve performance
  • How to prepare your frontline teams for the inevitable big changes ahead by fostering a culture of agility and readiness
  • How to create a curriculum of ongoing learning and skill development with a streamlined training infrastructure