Digital Marketing Campaigns for Millennials

Premiered: 2021-08-19
Length: 46 minutes

When it comes to digital marketing, many financial institutions have dragged their feet. But in a world where “”traditional marketing strategies”” don’t exist anymore because the entire ballgame is won (or lost) in digital channels, you have to be fully onboard and 100% committed.

In this candid session, we’ll explore the “Millennialization” of today’s consumers and how to meet your most valuable targets where they are: online, in digital channels. You’ll learn how they want to engage digitally — wherever, whenever and however they like — and walk away with practical examples of just how to do it without (literally) breaking the bank.

Banking executives will learn:

  • “Riding shotgun” – How to let your audience drive engagement with your brand
  • “Let ‘em see you sweat” – How to use online tools to allow for greater transparency in processes and communications
  • “Sharing is caring” – Simple, painless pointers for social and mobile media to show your customers just how much you care
  • Why 1:1 relationships matter more than ever, and tips for leveraging digital channels to drive profitable relationships”