Gen Z & The Future of Banking

Premiered: 2021-08-18
Length: 29 minutes

Banks and credit unions were caught flatfooted with Millennials, costing them millions in lost opportunities. Financial marketers can’t afford to repeat these mistakes again with Gen Z, whose influence will make or break financial institutions in the next ten years.

This session will breakdown what you really need to know about Gen Z — their views, attitudes and behaviors surrounding financial services — and show you how they expect banking brands to communicate and engage them, including key takeaways your team can put into action now to better connect and build lasting relationships with Gen Z.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • Gen Z’s key differentiators, and why you can’t project past assumptions about Millennials onto them
  • Why it’s important to cultivate relationships with Gen Z, before it’s too late
  • What Gen Z expects from brands with respect to social responsibility and political issues, and how this impacts financial marketers
  • How to create powerful opportunities for engagement with programs and marketing initiatives that drive brand loyalty and lasting relationships with Gen Z
  • Emerging trends and key communication channels to more effectively reach young people when and where they are