Guide to the ‘Shadow Banking’ Ecosystem

Premiered: 2021-09-08
Length: 21 minutes
Category: Banking Trends

You’ve heard the saying, “there’s an app for that.” Nowhere is that more true than in financial services, where consumers are using a multitude of app you don’t know about. It’s easier than ever to open financial services accounts through digital channels, and there are now more financial services providers vying for the attention of consumers than ever before.

The result is a diverse and highly fractured competitive “shadow banking” ecosystem — non-bank lenders and other unregulated financial services providers that siphon as much as $50 trillion from traditional institutions. Get the answers on what apps consumers are relying on in a digital-first world — where the everything consumers need is only a touch of a button away.

Banking executives will learn:

  • What financial apps consumers are using in addition those from their banks and credit unions
  • What exactly the “shadow banking” ecosystem looks like from the consumers’ perspective
  • How banks and credit unions can provide new value to consumers as they navigate this ecosystem and attempt to achieve financial security and build wealth