How to Succeed in the Digital Banking Age

Premiered: 2021-09-08
Length: 38 minutes

The rise of digital challengers threatens to disrupt legacy financial institutions, creating an uncertain future in the consumer banking space. No one knows exactly who the winners will be, what their business models will look like, or how players will be left standing when the dust finally settles. Competition can and will come from every corner of the financial ecosystem, and nobody is staying in their traditional lanes.

Join Alex Sion, who helps oversee Citi’s internal growth initiative, D10X. Alex will share the principles he’s learned helping transform Citi’s core business lines using venture capital principles and a “lean startup” methodology to discover and advance strategic growth areas. See how Citi encourages internal entrepreneurship by empowering employees to build, test, and launch new solutions that generate 10x more impact.

Banking executives will learn:

  • How to think about growth and competition in consumer banking completely differently
  • A recipe for new growth your C-suite can add to its playbook
  • Ways to enable new growth strategies without compromising traditional paths to growth