Increase Employee and Customer Engagement for Compliant Growth

Premiered: 2022-06-23
Length: 9 minutes
Category: Demos

Every banking executive knows that engaged employees deliver better CX, sales and service performance, and they are more likely to stay in the organization. Yet, most financial institutions are still struggling with employee engagement and its business performance impact. Achieving consistent and sustainable results require ‘visibility’ into employee behaviors in customer interactions, and ‘accountability’ that links coaching interactions to business impact.

In this demonstration, Jim Bywater, SVP, will show how SeeEverything’s solution:

  • Aggregates behavioral data from observations of customer interactions with your frontline staff;
  • Provides visibility into the quality of behaviors, with dashboards, up and down the management hierarchy so that leaders understand what’s working and areas of improvement;
  • Provides accountability and visibility that key actions and successful behaviors are occuring;
  • Transforms the way your leaders engage with their teams and customers.

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More About SeeEverything

SeeEverything is a global provider of performance improvement and conduct risk management software solutions for banks and credit unions. Our performance improvement solution improves customer engagement, increases sales and service performance, and drives successful front line and management behaviors. Our conduct risk management solution minimizes conduct risk, increases compliance efficiency, and drives positive culture. SeeEverything’s solutions are developed specifically for financial institutions to deliver visibility and actionable insights that drive successful behaviors and positive culture in synch – the recipe for compliant growth.

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Phone: +1 858 736 1250