Integrated Social Media Marketing Strategies

Premiered: 2021-09-07
Length: 44 minutes

In today’s digitally-centered world, many financial institutions feel pressure to build their presence online — from social media and websites to SEO/SEM and display advertising. But how do you balance this while maintaining the strong brick-and-mortar presence you’ve spent decades cultivating in the communities you serve? And most importantly, how can you make these things work together to create an omni-channel experience with synergy?

Gloria Roheim McRae from Hootsuite, one of the world’s leading social media platforms, will join Katelin to show how you can use your branch’s physical presence to generate more online traffic, and vice versa.

Banking executives will learn:

  • How to create a cohesive, integrated experience that links marketing between branch and online channels
  • How to engage and activate employees to help build your digital and social media presence and increase branch traffic
  • How to leverage physical channels to fuel more online conversations, more traffic on your website, and greater engagement in your social media community
  • How and where to start when it comes to compliance