Internal Marketing: Aligning Strategy and CX

Premiered: 2021-09-15
Length: 17 minutes

How can financial brands demonstrate empathy and foster the human-to-human connection that are now more critical than they ever have been before? Through their employees. It’s imperative that both customer-facing representatives and back-office staff are aligned with your organization’s vision, mission and brand promise, so they can deliver a consistent experience and advocate your brand in ways that support your strategy and achieve your goals. Engaging and empowering employees like this is called “internal marketing”.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • The importance of internal marketing, and why it needs to be a key component is any post-COVID marketing strategy
  • The critical elements needed for effective internal marketing
  • How to quantify the benefits of internal marketing
  • The high-level steps you must take in order to implement your own successful internal marketing strategy