Mobile Strategies and Pricing Models

Premiered: 2021-08-19
Length: 46 minutes

Over 200 million people subscribe to services such as Netflix, Spotify, Dollar Shave Club, Costco and AAA, and more than half of all American households now belong to Amazon Prime. Subscription services are quickly becoming the dominate pricing strategy for the world’s most savvy marketers, triggering fundamental shifts in consumer behavior and tectonic shifts in the way people buy.

Bank and credit union marketers must learn from these digital trendsetters in order to drive beyond transactions and connect with the digital lifestyle of today’s consumers.

Banking executives will learn:

  • How companies like Amazon leverage user experience design to deepen customer relationships
  • How new approaches to UX are changing people’s expectations, and how financial institutions must adapt in mobile channels
  • How in-home, voice activated devices are transforming everyday banking tasks
  • How big banks are stealing techniques from digital subscription companies to win more customers
  • How partnerships between banks and subscription retailers are delivering new value to consumers