Onboarding Strategies for New Accountholders

Premiered: 2021-08-19
Length: 46 minutes

It costs a lot of money to acquire new customers, and you never get a second chance to make a first good impression. What happens in the days and weeks after someone opens their new account or gets a loan has a massive impact on their long term profitability. It’s simple. Banking providers that cross-sell more products and services and grow their bottom line start with a great onboarding on Day 1, then sustain on-going positive interactions over the lifetime of the relationship.

This session will show you how to launch a personalized communication program with highly relevant product suggestions and curated content based on customer and member needs and behavior. Learn what machine learning-augmented, marketing automation 2.0 looks like, and how it will yield big growth for your financial institution.

Banking executives will learn:

  • How to thank, engage, guide and assist new customers with 1:1 campaigns that lead to fully-engaged relationships
  • How to increase adoption of additional products and services and drive long term profitability
  • How to leverage the power of machine learning to define the optimal who, what, when, how and why messages are delivered — automatically and in real-time
  • How AI will make marketing more effective and efficient — predicting campaign success and testing for optimization automatically