Transforming Relationships Into Revenue

Premiered: 2021-07-13
Length: 47 minutes

Do people view you as a financial partner or just another errand? Do they give you their transactional business but go elsewhere for high-value services like borrowing, investing and insurance?

Banking providers must totally redefine their sales model, moving beyond transactional product selling to demonstrate true passion and genuine concern for the people’s financial well-being. In this idea-packed and energizing session, you’ll learn a proven system to advance beyond the initial onboarding experience. Challenge your thinking and find out how to move forward with a new game plan for generating revenue.

Banking executives will learn:

  • How to turn CRM into ROI with a structured, sustainable roadmap guaranteed to build trust, deepen relationships and increase revenues
  • How to score your organization on 10 critical factors that determine what you must do to transition from a transactional cross-selling model to a relationship-driven organization
  • The three emotional drivers of customer relationships, and why meeting those means a highly differentiated experience that leads to more business