Utilizing Real-Time CX Measurement

Premiered: 2021-09-10
Length: 29 minutes
Category: CX Strategies

CX is all about people’s feelings and emotions — how they perceive and react to experiences that happen in real time. That’s why you need to monitor customer experience signals in real-time. You need the ability to detect and analyze service issues so you can make necessary shifts on the fly.

Achieving real-time CX requires transformation on a grand scale, but the link between improvements in the experience and revenue growth is clear. For a typical traditional bank with 15 million customers, every 1-point increase in their CX score can boost annual revenues by over $100 million. For an average direct bank with 3 million customers, the projected annual increase is nearly $30 million in incremental revenue.

This session explores the transformational hurdles — from data and delivery channels to security and regulatory issues — and shows you how to overcome them so you can implement a CX strategy with real ROI.

Banking executives will learn:

  • How dynamic real-time CX is the next evolutionary step in banking, and why it requires a complete reworking of the industry’s “factory floor”
  • The steps involved with building out a real-time CX process for banking
  • Examples of where and how real-time CX can revolutionize banking