Winning with Millennials and Gen Z

Premiered: 2021-08-19
Length: 45 minutes

Millennials have rocked the financial world. And Gen Z will shake the industry up again next. Jeff Fromm, widely respected as “The Millennial Marketing Guy,” will walk through the ways financial institutions can prepare now to become trusted advisors and win their lifelong business.

This session will teach attendees how to rethink and realign business strategies to best capture revenues from both Millennials and Gen Z. Learn how emerging generations and Millennial trends are reshaping the business, and what financial brands must do to better reach younger consumers. Includes examples of best practices that can be applied to drive engagement.

Banking executives will learn:

  • A new approach to understanding the Millennial consumer journey and how the “Millennial mindset” should shape your strategy
  • How to bridge the Millennial profit gap in financial services The major youth trends that influence consumer behavior and attitudes
  • New marketing strategies that win with Millennials, and why content marketing is absolutely critical
  • The key questions you may not be asking that will help you achieve success