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The Financial Brand Forum features a unique series of unforgettable, high-level talks focused on helping banking executives prepare themselves and their organization for the future — like TEDx for financial institutions!

Forum X Speaker

Ginger Hardage

Former SVP of Culture & Communications at Southwest Airlines

Unstoppable Cultures: Creating & Sustaining Organizations With Enduring Greatness

Ginger Hardage spent 25 years spearheading internal culture at Southwest. Her unwavering dedication to building and sustaining the organization’s legendary reputation earned the airline the distinction as one of Fortune’s “Top 10 Most Admired Companies in the World”.

She is recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on building and sustaining organizational culture, and was selected as one of the “Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Public Relations” by PRWeek. In 2015, she was inducted into the Public Relations Hall of Fame.

At the Forum 2022, Ginger will tell you how to overcome the internal hurdles holding your organization back by creating your own innovative culture with inspiring new, never-been-done before ideas.

Forum X Speaker

Matt Luhn

Former Lead Storyteller at Pixar Studios

Inspiring Creativity

With over 25 years of experience as one of Pixar’s storytellers, Matthew Luhn is a master at creating dynamic narratives that engage audiences. His credits include “Toy Story”, “Monsters Inc.”, “Finding Nemo”, “Cars”, and “The Simpsons”.

Matthew’s engaging and action-oriented Forum X talk will provide attendees with practical strategies and show you how to create a culture that encourages and nurtures new ideas. He will demonstrate how to empower relationships and build trust through authentic communication. Senior leaders will learn how to inspire their teams by leveraging the persuasive power of great storytelling, and how to bridge the gap between the heart and business, driving your brand’s story toward one unforgettable selling point.

Forum X Speaker

Shama Hyder

Marketing Expert, Best-Selling Author and CEO of Zen Media

Momentum: How to 10X Your Brand

Shama Hyder is a visionary strategist for the digital age, a TV personality, and web celebrity. She has been named one of Business Week’s “Top 25 Entrepreneurs,” and has been listed among LinkedIn’s “Top Voices in Marketing & Social Media” three years in a row. Entrepreneur magazine describes her as the “Zen Master of Marketing,” while Fast Company dubs her the “Millennial Master of the Universe.”

In Shama’s Forum X presentation, she will show banking executives how to 10x their brands by leveraging the latest techniques to consistently engage the right audience — from experiential marketing and online influencers, to digital storytelling. You’ll learn the modern-day strategies global brands like Chase Bank and MaryKay use to create digital momentum and achieve their business objectives.

Forum X Speaker

Chris Skinner

Fintech Legend, Best-Selling Banking Author, and CEO of The

The Digital Bank of Tomorrow

Chris Skinner is one of the most authoritative and respected voices in the banking world. He has served as an advisor to the White House, the United Nations, the World Bank, and the World Economic Forum, with the Wall Street Journal declaring him among the most influential people in financial technology. Skinner has authored three bestselling books, lectures at Cambridge University, and has served on boards of global fintech brands.

At the Forum 2022, Skinner will discuss the urgency of digital transformation, and share the challenges banks face as they make the shift from physical distribution models. He will explain how banks must completely retool their business strategy and change their internal culture, because the future of banking will be dominated by data and digital channels.

Forum X Speaker

John Rossman

Former Executive Leader at Amazon

Thinking Like Amazon

Amazon solidified their status as the most disruptive force in corporate history with a thrilling power to innovate that few other companies have matched. But how does Amazon continue to innovate at such an extraordinary level? How does Amazon think about the future?

Former Amazon executive turned digital strategy consultant John Rossman will show you how any company can innovate at the same level as Amazon and the systematic approach they take to create a digital culture that continues to outperform everyone else.

Forum X Speaker

Michael Jr.

Motivational Comedian/Film & TV Star

Laughing (or Crying?) All the Way to the Bank

Exceptionally gifted at combining story with thought-provoking life principles, Michael Jr. exhibits what it means to be a comedic thought leader. Using comedy and dynamic storytelling, he brings laughter and encouragement to audiences all over the world.

Known as one of today’s most gifted comedians, he tours the country using comedy to inspire and engage audiences. His impactful delivery and versatility has landed him on TV hits including The Tonight Show, The Late Show, Oprah, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Comedy Central. He is also one of the hottest public speakers to appear on stages at corporate events worldwide, including TedX talks and keynotes for Fortune 500 companies.

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