Short, high-level strategic presentations focused on helping attendees prepare themselves and their organization for the future. It’s like TEDx for financial institutions!

Forum X Speaker

Omar Johnson

Former VP/Marketing at Apple and CMO of Beats by Dre

The New Rules of Marketing

As CMO and one of the first three employees at Beats, Omar Johnson lead brand development, advertising, retail CX, and digital marketing, where he drove explosive growth — helping build a $1.1 billion dollar global icon and category leader.

In 2018, Adweek named him a “Brand Genius”, and in 2016 Business Insider distinguished him as one of the “Most Innovative CMOs”.

At the Forum 2020, hear how Omar leverages creative marketing strategies to build brand awareness for the world’s best brands — from Apple and Nike, to Coca-Cola and Kraft — and how your financial institution can incorporate similar guerilla techniques to build market share.

Omar's New Rules of Marketing

Forum X Speaker

Ginger Hardage

Former SVP of Culture & Communications at Southwest Airlines

Unstoppable Cultures: Creating and Sustaining Organizations With Enduring Greatness

Ginger spent 25 years spearheading internal culture at Southwest. Her work building and sustaining the organization’s legendary reputation earned the airline the distinction as one of Fortune’s “Top 10 Most Admired Companies in the World”.

She is recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on building and sustaining organizational culture, and was selected as one of the “Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Public Relations” by PRWeek. In 2015, she was inducted into the Public Relations Hall of Fame.

At the Forum 2020, Ginger will tell you how to overcome the internal hurdles holding your organization back by creating your own innovative culture with inspiring new, never-been-done before ideas.

Forum X Speaker

Brett King

Futurist, bestselling author, global fintech superstar, and expert on disruption in banking

Building The Digital Bank of the Future

The banking industry is in trouble. Everything from transactions to identities now live in digital channels. Today, the most efficient models are built on a backbone of data, algorithms and artificial intelligence. But traditional financial institutions haven’t yet figured out how to move beyond their brick-and-mortar roots, leaving every bank and credit union still relying on branch revenue in survival mode.

Banking futurist Brett King will tell Forum 2020 attendees how they need to wean themselves from the branch dependent models of yesteryear, and how to build the bank of tomorrow.

Forum X Speaker

Matt Luhn

Former Lead Storyteller at Pixar Studios

Inspiring Creativity

With over 25 years of experience as one of Pixar’s storytellers, Matthew Luhn is a master at creating dynamic narratives that engage audiences. His credits include “Toy Story”, “Monsters Inc.”, “Finding Nemo”, “Cars”, and “The Simpsons”.

Matthew’s engaging and action-oriented Forum X talk will provide strategies on how to create a culture that encourages and nurtures new ideas. He will demonstrate how to empower relationships and build trust through authentic communication. Senior leaders will learn how to inspire their team by leveraging the persuasive power of great storytelling, and how to craft stories that make their brand stand out.

Forum X Speaker

Jay Sidhu

Founder & CEO of BankMobile

Using Technology and Innovation to Disrupt Banking

Jay Sidhu is a legend in the banking industry. Over his 20-year career at Sovereign, the bank grew to become the 17th largest institution in the US, with over $90 billion in assets. After retiring as Sovereign’s CEO in 2006, Jay purchased a troubled bank with only $250 million in assets and has since transformed it into a $12 billion powerhouse.

His latest venture, BankMobile, is a full-service banking platform with its own innovation team building proprietary technology. In fact, 40% of its employees focus on tech and UX design. At the Forum 2020, you can hear the story behind the launch of BankMobile and how this strategy helped it become one of the largest and fastest growing digital banks in the world.