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New for 2020! Learn how banks and credit unions are tackling the biggest strategic issues in the financial industry today — straight talk from your peers on the front lines.

Digital Transformation, Innovation & Technology Panel

How are retail financial institutions tackling digital transformation, and how far along should they be in their journey? What new technologies are critical to delivering the digital experience consumers expect?

How can banking providers respond to pressure from fintechs and digital-only challengers, and how can they foster a culture of innovation? What are the opportunities for open banking and APIs?

What are the practical applications for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other advanced data analytics capabilities? Get the answers to these questions and more in this riveting panel discussion.


Jeremy Balkin
Head of Innovation

Corey LeBlanc
Chief Digital & Innovation Officer
Origin Bank

Joshua Winstead
Chief Digital Officer

Erin Hennessy
Chief Innovation & Marketing Officer
United FCU


Jim Marous
The Financial Brand

Retail Delivery Panel: Branches, Digital Channels & The Omni-Channel Experience

The customer journey has become extremely complex. People skip between branches, contact centers, online, mobile and social media channels. In such a dynamic environment, how do you deliver a seamless, integrated experience across all touchpoints?

What is the role of branches in this increasingly digital-first world — how many do you need, and how big should they be?

What about online account opening? Chatbots? New branch technologies? Universal bankers? This panel discussion will give you the insights you need to refine and sharpen your retail delivery strategy.


Çagrı Süzer
Head of Retail

Jennifer Smith
VP/Director of Branch & ATM Distribution
Flagstar Bank

Josephine Moran
EVP/Head of Retail Banking
Provident Bank


Jon Voorhees
Retail Banking Distribution Strategy Expert
Peak Performance Group

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CMO Panel: Strategic Marketing Challenges in The C-Suite

What is the future of financial marketing? Join this panel of senior-level financial marketers to find out how digital transformation is redefining the role of CMOs in banking.

Where does IT stop, data analytics start, and when should marketing take the lead? Should CMOs oversee CX? What martech tools and new technologies are essential, and which ones should stay on the wish list (for now)?

How should CMOs be segmenting, automating and personalizing their campaigns? And how can CMOs centralize and manage data to build a digital growth strategy that balances consumers’ privacy concerns?

In this session, your peers will explain how they are solving the riddles facing financial marketers today.


Becky Smith

Emily Abbas
SVP/Marketing and Communications Officer
Bankers Trust

Steven Miley
SVP/Strategic Marketing
Dime Community Bank

Elizabeth McLaughlin
Affinity FCU


Joe Sullivan
Market Insights

Expert Panel: The ROI of Social Media in Banking

Few topics are more controversial than the role of social media in banking, and the return on its investment. Bank and credit union CEOs want to hear about new loans and accounts, not new Likes and Followers. Is social media just a tool for PR and community outreach?

With so much energy devoted to content creation, how do financial marketers justify their efforts? How can social media be used to facilitate sales, answer people’s questions, and resolve service issues?

How do you manage your online reputation through ratings and reviews on platforms like Yelp!?

Attend this session to see how other financial marketers are getting their C-suite on board with KPIs that prove the value of social media.


Saloni Janveja
Executive Marketing Director, Social Media & Marketing Innovation at Ally Financial

Sara Reiner
Social Media & Content Strategist

Courtney Oldendorf
Social Media Specialist
ORNL Federal Credit Union

Craig Mauro
Social Media Specialist
Bethpage FCU


Meredith Olmstead
FI GROW Solutions