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2024/05/20 05:00:00

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Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern

Bestselling author and celebrated marketing speaker Scott Galloway has spent his career learning what makes the world’s leading companies tick. He teaches brand strategy and digital marketing at the NYU Stern School of Business, where he has been named one of the world’s top professors. At the Forum 2024, Scott will take a unique, unvarnished look at what separates winners and losers in the digital age, as he dives into the tectonic forces shaping banks’ strategic plans in 2024 and beyond — from demographic trends and consumer behavior, to AI and CX.

Wendy Smith

Professor of Business at University of Delaware

Former Fortune 500 companies like Polaroid, Blockbuster, Kodak, Nokia, Borders, Blackberry all tried to adapt, pivot, innovate, and evolve. But all of them ultimately failed. Today, traditional financial institutions face similar disruptive forces threatening their survival. Don’t miss management thought leader, award-winning organizational psychologist, and best-selling author Wendy Smith as she examines how senior banking executives should respond to strategic paradoxes, specifically the risks and challenges facing leadership teams in times of disruption.

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